Give Justin Bieber a chance



That’s right…I want to bring the biggest news of yesterday up again today! lol

What I want you to know before I state my opinion on this is that I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! That is why this news was tragic to me and honestly I was Googling his name all day trying to find a newly posted article with another paragraph or two of new information…

So for those of you who don’t know…which is none of you haha Justin Bieber was arrested around 4 am Thursday morning in Miami. He was drag racing in a rented Yellow Lamborghini while his young R&B singer friend was racing him in a red Ferrari. They were speeding down a palm tree lined residential road going speeds of 60 mph in a 30 mph speed limit zone. Oh my! lol

The real instance got worse when Justin was pulled over by police and was asked to get out of the car…he was drunk and told the officer that he had consumed beer, pot, and prescription pills that day.

Not the best diet indeed 😦

He was refusing to be searched and told the officer that he didn’t have a gun. His non-violent refusal, driving without a valid license, and DUI cost his team $2,500 in bail. Chump change to Justin Bieber with his net worth and annual salary as follows…


So what am I to make out of this situation???

Well let me just tell you that he is 19 years old and has over $100 million dollars at his beckoning call. That’s some crazy money for a guy his age. Beyond the riches, I think the fame has gotten to his head. The least reported subject of yesterday’s events was the fact that J Biebz medication was Xanax…anti-anxiety pills. I’ve read his Rolling Stone article and I know that this young man hates the paparazzi. I can’t say that I would like them either however I believe that at certain levels of fame – you trade-in your privacy. Justin is suffering with anxiety, with alcohol addiction, and with recreational drugs such as pot and sizzurp (codeine cough syrup mixed with Fanta and a jollyrancher…better known as the deadly cocktail that kept Lil Wayne in a coma for a week straight).

So what I deduce from yesterday’s proceedings is that Justin is lost. He is trying to be a bad boy, drive fast, drink alcohol, do drugs, and escape the police. I’m worried for him and that’s really why I wanted to write this.

His “acting out” is a sign that he needs attention and help. I feel like he is not getting satisfied down in his soul and that is the real reason for all the substance abuse and wild behavior. He’s trying to tell us something…but are we really listening?

I understand that I’m not his girlfriend *sigh* and I cannot replace his manager Scooter Braun, his team, or his parents at this time. I have come to believe by seeing Justin on tour, noticing his dedication to his fans, and observing his touch on the hearts of so many young women all over the world is that his impact is GREAT.


And I think that anyone that is as young as he is will experiment on their road to finding personal happiness. I don’t want to discount the fact that even though he is a worldwide superstar, he is also a real person with strengths and weaknesses. I believe that the best thing I can do now is keep supporting his music and his recovery.

He’s really a beautiful person with a great heart. I believe that through what I’ve observed.

I believe the best in people and what I’ve liked about him all along is his swagger.


He carries himself in such a cool way that attracts girls to him like a magnet. He’s got the “It factor” for sure and that’s why he has been as successful as he is.

I don’t encourage Scooter Braun, Justin’s parents, or Justin’s fans to stop loving him. That would crush his spirits more than anything else. We need to continue to support Justin knowing that he has the potential to put these shenanigans in his past and move forward.

He just needs greater focus and a better sense of happiness. If he had inner peace there would be nothing that drinking, drugs, and illegal behavior could offer him.

I just wanted to give you a practical look at his situation. The talent is there. Right now it’s just misguided. He needs to realize that he was put on this earth to entertain and to bring joy to others. His accountability to us is only going to be reassured if we don’t stop believing in him.



2 thoughts on “Give Justin Bieber a chance

  1. Dkovar

    well stated, Stella! I hope justin gets the opportunity to meet you someday so you and he can have that ‘heart to heart’ I know you would be thrilled to have.

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