Stella’s Top 5 Grammy Moments!


In random order, here are my top 5 Grammy moments from last night’s show:

1. Pharrell’s hat

I’m serious. This hat is getting a lot of attention!!!

It has its own Twitter account:


Arby’s gave it a shout-out:


And Beyoncé looked at him wearing it in the same why I would have:


“It’s Vivienne Westwood,” Pharrell says. “It’s a Buffalo hat. This gentleman by the name of Malcolm McLaren [designed it]. [He has a] huge history. And I just liked it.”

2. Katy Perry’s Dark Horse performance

Since I was seeing Cody Simpson last night I didn’t have the ability to watch this one live but I love the imagery and the performance was stellar! I loooooove the song so much so I am very biased on this one haha I also am so pleased with how Katy nailed the last note and how my new friend Juicy J made an appearance! Wonderful performance Katy! 😀


3. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert “Same Love” / Real marriages

This is what had the whole world buzzing last night…the first thing I saw when I got home from the Cody Simpson concert!

So first we had a good old Macklemore song “Same Love”


Then we had Mary Lambert added into the mix


Then there was a ceremony executed by Reverend Latifah


Then we see 33 couples / some straight / some gay / some lesbian in the aisles


Then Madonna comes out to sing for them like no big deal…


It basically made Macklemore the coolest man in America last night haha

See that beauty of a moment here:

4. Taylor Swift acting pissed off the whole night lol


I response to Kacey Musgraves winning ^^^


And then thinking Red won for best album lol ^^^

5. P!nk’s aerial performance of “Try”

It was absolutely unbelievable! So much strength! I can’t believe she could sing during any of that haha

So as for the scoreboard

Record of the Year: Get Lucky – Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

Stella 0 / Rosa 0

Album of the Year: Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

Stella 0 / Rosa 0

Song of the Year: Royals – Joel Little & Ella Yelich O’Connor, songwriters (Lorde)

Stella 0 / Rosa 0

Best New Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Stella 0 / Rosa 0

Best Pop Vocal Album: Unorthodox Jukebox – Bruno Mars

Stella 0 / Rosa 0

So the final score is 0 to 0…Stella-Rosa tied! LOL 😀

And can you believe these guys?!??!

Daft punk

Here is a cool pic I took of Cody Simpson last night:


And let me leave you with this…

anigif_enhanced-buzz-486-1390796283-0 anigif_original-grid-image-23205-1390796315-6


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