Who is Jordan Feldstein?


Jordan Feldstein is, I mean WAS, the manager for Sara Bareilles up until the day after the Grammys.

Sara was nominated for Album of the Year – “The Blessed Unrest” and for Pop Solo Performance – “Brave”.


She went home empty handed thanks to

Random Access Memories from our buddies Daft Punk


and “Royals” by Lorde for Pop Solo Performance


The real issue here is who is Jordan? You’re not going to believe it…

Jordan Feldstein is what we like to call “a big shot”. He not only was the manager for Miss Bareilles, but he IS the manager for

Maroon 5



Robin Thicke


Two of the hottest guys in Pop music…both literally and in sales HAHAHA 😀

Sara “informed” Feldstein the following day after the Grammy Awards AKA Monday that he would no longer be representing her.

So here is a picture of Jordan:


Who is the blonde? Oh just Clint Eastwood’s daughter that he married for 1 week LOL This story is crazyyy!!!


So now the other piece of evidence I have for you is that Jordan’s brother is none other than funnyman Jonah Hill!!!


So apparently at Saturday night’s Clive Davis/Recording Academy-sponsored pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton hotel…Jordan got into quite a scuffle with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne.


According to E! Online, Jordan was first spotted in the ballroom arguing with Kelly, with her right-hand mum Sharon backing her up after her daughter stormed away from the music manager’s table where Sara Bareilles was also sitting.

In this famous photo seen here:


You notice Sharon with a water glass turned sideways towards Jordan and Jordan walking away…

Apparently Sharon walked up to him pointing her finger and screaming and eventually that fiasco resulted in Osbourne tipping over a plate of food on his lap and throwing water at his head.

Needless to say the worst part of this story is that Jordan did not attend the Grammys on Sunday! :O

I’m standing behind Sara on this one…

In the words of Prophetess Swift:


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