Lady Gaga can’t perform at SXSW Music Festival!


SXSW is the acronym for South By Southwest, the famous Music Festival in Austin, Texas.


The festival’s 2013 annual report showed 57,000 people attended the 3 day music festival at the Auditorium Shores Stage as seen in the in picture above.

What an incredible turn out! I would love to go to this festival one year or really any festival. I’m starting to get the festival bug after reporting about so many of them! HAHA 😀

In 2012, SXSW was directly and indirectly responsible for injecting approximately $190 million into the Austin, TX economy! That’s an incredible boom for the city so I’m sure they aren’t planning on stopping this event anytime soon. The success of it is tremendous!

Just so you know SXSW also has a Film festival and an Interactive festival. The dates for all three festivals are…Interactive: March 7–11, Film: March 7–15, and Music: March 11–16.

So when you Google SXSW now, the first and the majority of news that comes up is a story about an unknown artist named Lady Gaga…just kidding! She’s a global pop superstar!


It just so happens that Gaga was turned down to perform at SXSW!!! At first I thought…seriously??? The thing that sucks about this rejection is that nobody knew that Lady G was going to perform and the music festival is only a few weeks away!

Allow me to explain the best that I can…

Lady Gaga had requested to perform in a giant vending machine. That’s right! A vending machine! Let me just say that this vending machine is six-stories tall and is sponsored by Doritos for the official Doritos’ annual South By Southwest party. SXSW is denying Gaga’s permit request on the account of what they say are “public safety concerns”.

Here’s what the vending machine looks like…

doritosThere’s a stage below the vending machine so it’s really not as unsafe as I thought.

Here is the quote from Don Pitts, the manager of Austin’s Music & Entertainment division: “As part of the review process, the applicant provides a talent list to the city team to review and we can adjust public resources as necessary. We look at the size and capacity of the location covered by the permit being sought, and how it fits with the anticipated attendance, based on event capacity and promotion. And the end of the day, it’s a parking lot.”

To me that is VERY vague. He should have said something that got straight down to the point like, “We cannot allow Lady Gaga to perform because the expected attendance will be over the limit of what we can accommodate for that particular stage during SXSW.” That is generally the drift that I caught from that muddled statement.

The vending machine is located in a parking lot located adjacent to Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant on Fifth Street in downtown Austin and in previous years, Doritos has had the same vending machine stage that has hosted shows by LL Cool J and Snoop Dogg.


Don Pitts went on to say, “We informed the applicant that we would support relocation to an established venue with the necessary permanent infrastructure.”

The applicant is really making me laugh since everyone knows that it’s Lady Gaga at this point! I mean really! 😀

SXSW is looking to accommodate Lady Gaga’s performance in a permanent structure which I imagine means that she can’t be apart of an outdoor stage 😦

I mean this girl has played the Glastonbury Festival in London and certainly they didn’t turn her down for an outdoor stage permit!

lady-gaga-talking-crowdwaveIf I were booking this event, I wouldn’t have told Lady Gaga no. There should have been a private discussion with her and not a public statement. She could have been moved to another stage and it could have remained a secret to SXSW and all her fans in Texas!

I just wish that SXSW had their thinking caps on because I doubt Gaga will perform now given the fact that everybody knows and it’s not a surprise anymore.

They lost a big name and I hope that this is a good lesson for them to keep an artist’s appearance quiet. Technically, they could have denied her if none of the stages could work for her influx of Little Monsters AKA her fans, IN private! Then no fans would have known and nobody would be up in arms over this.

I rest my case 😀

In closing, let’s never forget the way Lady Gaga killed it at the VMA’s…


Say Lou Lou is the next best thing


Say Lou Lou! LOU LOU!!! hahaha 😀

I’m not just joking around here…I’m trying to tell you about the amazing new duo I found called Say Lou Lou!

Say-Lou-LouLet me just say that I found these girls by listening to my friend Sarah’s amazing SoundCloud playlist, and then on my new favorite WordPress blog Ker’s Corner…

I found a wonderful interview video with Say Lou Lou! 😀

Check out Ker and the video here:

That video really gives you a good overview of who these girls really are.

As far as the most interesting facts go…they are twin sisters!!!

Their father is Australian and their mother is Swedish and they both grew up in Australia and Sweden. That must have been so cool!

Say Lou Lou is a name they chose because their great aunt was named Lou Lou and she was a legend in their family! My great aunt was a key person in my life too so I quite like the name they chose.

They released their first single in 2012 before they formed their own record label à Deux in 2013. Having your own label must be awesome! Well done girls 😀

 Their real names are Elektra and Miranda

avatars-000058128913-f1zd0k-t500x500They now have almost 16,000 followers on SoundCloud and most songs have generated up to 200,000 plays!

This song is my personal favorite:

Their EP of the same title, Better in the Dark, was released on November 25, 2013 and is available for download and 7″ vinyl.

Also, check out their website:

Their website has a lot of fashion posts which is awesome 😀

I wish you two all the best and we’ll be listening!!!


Adele is working on a song with Prince!


I’m so happy to bring you news today about Adele!

adeleeeI haven’t heard anything about her in what seems like forever!!! 😦

Adele just splashed across my computer screen today when I tracked down an article all about what’s going on with the world’s favorite love song diva!

In this article, there was the itty bitty detail about ADELE HAVING A BUSINESS MEETING WITH PRINCE. No big deal right??? Au contraire! Prince is a big deal and if you’ve been following Music Row Girl…you know this is a Pro-Prince blog!

She and Prince are reportedly working on a collaboration for her HIGHLY anticipated third album that is due out later this year!!!

Adele-PrinceI’m going to give you a moment to let that piece of news settle in…


Now get ready for a little bit more…

According to The Sun, a UK newspaper, Adele was seen at his show in London last week and they both met in Prince’s dressing room to discuss a potential song for Adele’s third album.

I hope she was wearing purple!!!

2012AdeleGrammyAwards04PA130212Although with that many Grammys awarded to this woman who describes her music as “for the ears, not for the eyes”…any color dress will do!

There is also a reported excuse saying that Adele only stayed for a short time at Prince’s show in London because it was “just a business meeting” and she had to get home.

When given the chance to hang out with Prince…and to be his special guest…I don’t care if I have a 3 hour drive home…I’m not going until Prince asks me to! Take notes from me Adele. What if this song falls through and that was your only shot to hangout with the King of Purple & Glitter?!

giphyI’m sorry Adele, but it is simply a shame to waste an opportunity to be friends with Prince. When mine comes, WHEN it comes 😀 I’ll be ready to call off anything else of importance!

Miss Adele started working on her third album last April! The Sun reported that Phil Collins and producer James Ford are on board!

First off, Phil Collins. That man! OMG! I looove his voice so much! Such an iconic sound.

tumblr_mv4z33OR101qdqzl4o1_500Second of all, I just looked up James Ford and he produced Ceremonials for Florence + The Machine!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of my favorite albums of all-time and Florence is an absolute, musical genius! My love for you Mr. Ford knows no bounds! 😀

tumblr_m2fvh7QlfV1rqn7wuo1_500Also, let it be known that Prince isn’t shy about his feeling for Adele! He said, and I quote: “When she just comes on and sings with a piano player, no gimmicks, it’s great.”

I couldn’t agree with him more!

Who can forget the time she performed “Someone Like You” at the Grammys…

If you could stand anymore Adele news…which believe me, after so long without hearing anything…I know I can!!! I have to tell you that there are also reports of her going on tour in 2015!

elderly_fallThat’s a definite life alert moment for me people! LOL 😀

I’m so excited and will sell the rights to my own middle name to see Adele next year!!!

I tried to see her back when she was expected to appear at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL on October 13, 2011, but the show was cancelled and the entire tour was cancelled!!! 😦

In her defense, she had to cancel because of a vocal hemorrhage and she needed surgery! I heard that she got the same surgeon who worked on Steven Tyler’s vocal chords so I had no worries that she would be back to herself in no time.

It’s reported that Adele’s tour will be either a UK & North American tour OR possibly a World tour!!! I hope that she gets to tour the world since her fanbase is so huge!

UK’s The Daily Mirror reported the following: “She has been back to work but is recording at her own pace. Her appeal has always been the quality of her music so she isn’t about to rush release anything just for the sake of it.”

I greatly respect Adele for that. Her music/her voice is so high quality that I can’t imagine the need to rush an album or a song out before it’s ready to be released!

Let’s not forget how much this song gives me chills…

So You Think You Can Dance really outdid themselves on that routine!

It seems like Adele is back to full strength vocally and personally. She had a baby boy, Angelo, back in October 2012 with her boyfriend Simon Konecki.

Good luck to Prince and Adele…I’ll be listening closely for more news about your collaboration!

I’m excited to hear new music from Adele this year and I can’t wait to see her in 2015!


Lorde and Taylor Swift are best friends!


I’ll be honest with you…I never saw this one coming:

tefHow exactly did some girl on the long list of girls Lorde’s thrown shade at, become Lorde’s best friend???

Back in September of last year, Lorde went absolutely bananas and started throwing more shade than the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

giphy-1Lorde had this to say about Taylor Swift: “Taylor Swift is so flawless, and so unattainable, and I don’t think it’s breeding anything good in young girls.”

I don’t really understand why she felt the need to say that about Taylor. I don’t think she comes off as “flawless”. She’s just a sweet, country girl with a big heart.

Anyways you can go ahead and look up all the other people she read into last year but I want to add this quote…

enhanced-buzz-1788-1383758101-19Don’t throw shade on Queen Bey, Lorde! Yonce will have you terminated from pop music! I don’t know any other artist who could have bootylicious and serfbort added to Webster’s dictionary…it’s only a few days before serfbort makes it in there!

tumblr_myhg8sO4MX1rryowqo1_500So basically I had the weird feeling that Taylor Swift reached out to Lorde back in December when she had a garden birthday party in Australia while she was on tour there. She had all these Instagram photos with Lorde attached to her hip and it seemed like Lorde’s disdain for Taylor had gone out the window.

So that was back in December and the hottest music news I could find on a Monday is that T Swift and Lorde went shopping together in Brentwood, California this weekend. Not kidding you people HAHA This is the best story of today 😀

So yesterday, Lorde and Taylor…not the department store…

2138814974went on a shopping spree in Cali! They hit up trendy stores like Rag & Bone and Free People and helped each other pick out clothes. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

fly-on-the-wall-gif-14562So it just so happens that on their outing…they met Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka!

keiner (1)Again…I don’t watch much TV, but I know some of you are freaking out right now 😀

Here’s a pic of them shopping together in LA…

lorde-taylor-swift-shopping-inlineAnd then either earlier or later in the day…not sure because they didn’t text me! lol

They went to the beach together!!!

In recent music news, Lorde spoke with Capital FM radio, and hinted a potential duet with her bestie TSwizzle…

“Yeah we are different, but I think the cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music.”

“I think that last record Red in particular, everyone was like ‘Whoa’, a lot of ground has been covered, and I think with an artist like her, the sky is the limit.”

Now that is some really sweet stuff coming from the Royals singer!

In celebration of these besties I want to post my favorite songs from them…

Of course Royals is the best from Lorde so far! That song sent the world in a frenzy and got her a publishing deal for 2.5 million dollars! Lorde was 16 when she was introduced just to remind you…she is now 17 and she hails from New Zealand.

As for Taylor…this song/performance is my favorite…

Red is such an incredibly written song! Well done Taylor. Well done!!!

Taylor moved to Nashville at the age of 14 in hopes to make it in country music. In 2005, at an industry showcase at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Taylor caught the attention of Scott Borchetta. Scott was a DreamWorks Records executive and was preparing to form his own independent record label, Big Machine Records. Taylor became one of the first artist’s signed to Big Machine. She released her first album Taylor Swift in October 2006 and the rest is history. She is now 24 years old and has been ranked as one of the best selling artists of all-time by Forbes and is worth over $220 million! Not too shabby! 😀

So Lorde and Taylor seem to be best friends now and I’m okay with it! Lorde could learn a thing or two from Taylor about the music business since she is so new to the scene.

Looking forward to a collaboration one day soon!!!


Justin Bieber to make a comeback!


Justin Bieber is the new comeback kid and I couldn’t be any happier about it 😀


It all started when I heard word of Justin tweeting some pretty amazing things…

And then there was this sweet tweet…

And then he said one of my favorite words…”craft” 😀


So those beautiful tweets all came out on Wednesday from my boy Justin!

Those tweets really have Beliebers like me jumping up & down inside and fist pumping while smiling like a crazy person on the outside 😀


I think that it’s evidenced by his tweets that he has a new focus on positivity and focusing on his music while staying out of legal trouble.

I think he has it in him…he’s talented…he’s adorable…he’s extremely attractive…he has so many fans…and he’s just a young guy who loves his craft 😀

Then on Friday he had these things to say on Twitter…


So it seems like Justin is all about his music, jamming out on his guitar, and sharing the love with his fans 😀 And that’s all we want him to do! We want him to be happy while he abides by the law and makes incredible music!


So let it be known that Mr. Bieber tweeted a treat for fans…


That’s right people…A NEW SONG! The song is called “Broken” featuring Blake Kelly. It’s like a cool little jam telling the press to eat sand…and I like it 😀

Here’s the direct link where you can listen to it and download the song for free…

So it looks like Bieber is focused, determined, and ready to get his s**t together and I’m glad! No fan wants to see their artist go through turmoil.

Bieber used this tweet to close out Friday…

Then just 14 hours ago Biebs tweeted this…


OMG! His 20th birthday is coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I need to have a birthday party for him! Watch out for March 1st. My entire day will be Bieber themed lol 😀

tumblr_m07n6jTpnX1r97b1ko1_500Shoutout to whoever made that…it’s AMAZING!

I also wanted to let you know that Justin is moving to Atlanta to start a solid career in Rap!! He is currently shopping for a home but in the meantime…

According to TMZ, the most reliable source ever, Justin is now living for a little while in the home of record producer Dallas Austin. Dallas produced “They Don’t Care About Us” for Michael Jackson, one of my all-time favorite songs…so Dallas, you’re the!

Here’s a couple pictures of the “spaceship mansion”…



Pretty crazy, modern house huh??? 😀

Well I want to take a personal moment to say to Justin…I believe in you!

I’m excited for Justin Bieber’s comeback!!! Are you?


Grand Ole Opry gets two thumbs up!


Today I’m going to review my visit to the Grand Ole Opry last night.

What’s cool about “opry” is that it’s an old pronunciation of the word opera! My sister is an opera singer so I find it funny that through the years the word “opry” is now defined as: an establishment that features live country music.

The Grand Ole Opry used to be hosted at The Ryman in downtown Nashville, but now they built their own venue which is a hike up I-65 N. It’s in the same parking lot as the Opry Mills Mall which is a very high end mall where the likes of Faith Hill and Taylor Swift have been seen shopping!

PPG-opry-2Back in 2010, Nashville experienced a flood that displaced 10,000 Tennessee residents from their homes! There was almost 4 feet of water covering The Opry stage!!!

flood damageAfter 5 months of renovation, the Grand Ole Opry House reopened Sept. 28, 2010. They were able to recover the circle in which the artists stand which is so wonderful and even though it sticks out like a sore thumb on the dark wood stage, I think it’s a badge of honor for The Opry and for Tennessee.

Here is Brad Paisley helping the workers lay the circle down in place…

grand_ole_opry_housecircle.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxI’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry so I got a nice front row balcony ticket and went to see what all the fuss is about.

I was stunned by how fluid the show structure is!

The show is broken down into 30 minute sets which are very fast-paced as each act only performs 2 songs…sometimes 1 with vocals and 1 that is entirely instrumental. The show has a 30 minute set from 7:00-7:30, a 30 minute set from 7:30-8:00, an intermission from 8:00-8:15, a 30 minute set from 8:15-8:45, and a 30 minute set from 8:45-9:15.

Diamond Rio kicked off the first set. They were celebrating their 15th year as Opry members and their 23rd year as a band.

DSC08293I‘ve never heard them play before, but they were very good. A classic country band with a classic country sound.

Let me mention that there is protocol for the Opry…you must be a member in order to play on the stage. There has been a loosening of that rule with “Guests artists” which I find to be alright for the Opry to do. A guest artist is someone hot in country music now that is not a member yet.


That’s what the Opry looks like…as you can see there is an ON AIR sign in the top left because the Opry is also a live radio broadcast with local, national, and international audiences! There is a radio stand to the left of the performers where Eddie Stubbs moderates the show and announces the advertisements. Then there are the classic Grand Ole Opry mic stands and in the back there you can see some lucky people sitting on pews that were in the original Ryman Auditorium. They must pay top dollar to sit there!

Opry Radio announcer: Eddie Stubbs


After Diamond Rio, they announced Jim Ed Brown to the stage

DSC08308He was delightful and sang a couple old, old country love songs for the crowd.

Then, the crowd lit up when good, old Kellie Pickler came to the stage

DSC08349Her outfit was fabulous, let’s get that straight! HAHA 😀 She sang a song named Selma Drye which she dedicated to her great-grandmother whom the song was named after. Then she did the new song she just released to country radio from her latest album “The Woman I Am” called Closer to Nowhere. She was great and so sweet! She signed a lot of autographs for fans at the edge of the stage after her set!

Then the second set featured John Conlee as the opener and the host.

DSC08353He was very nice and funny! He sang some old country standards for us.

Then on came Jesse McReynolds who has been an Opry member for 50 years!


He’s the man in the red shirt in the picture. He was an incredible finger picker on the mandolin and he even shredded pretty hard!! 😀 Amazing! His grandson is there over his shoulder with the acoustic guitar! They sang and played together which was so sweet!

Then John Conlee came on stage to explain that Lucy Hale has been sick with the flu all week and is not here to perform tonight. I already knew that prior to going to the show because I called the Opry when I saw her name wasn’t on the list, but I decided to go enjoy whatever lineup they had for me 😀 He was very nice and said, “This was supposed to be her Opry debut and she was really excited about it. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her back here soon for her debut.”

In Lucy’s place, The Willis Clan came out to entertain us


They’re a family band which is so special. They’ve been on the Today Show and have gotten rave reviews. They were amazing!!! They did a great version of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music and then they did an instrumental Irish song in which the cutest little kids came on stage to dance.


The first set after intermission started out with Jeannie Seely


She was a really cool, theatrical performer and she had a blast joking with the crowd. She said she saw a lot of young, strapping boys in the audience and it made her think of Minnie Pearl and how she would’ve loved to see that. Then she said to the radio announcer “Eddie, you’re pretty handsome too!” and he laughed which was so funny that she got him to chuckle!

Then to the stage came Jimmy C. Newman


He was bringing Cajun country from New Orleans to the Opry and it was really neat! I enjoyed his instrumentation as it brought a different flavor to country music.

Then we had guest artist, Joel Crouse


He was great and said it wasn’t his first time on the Opry stage. He has opened for Darius Rucker on tour so apparently he knows his way around Nashville pretty well 😀 He was very nice to the audience and took what he called “the first Grand Ole Opry selfie” when he pulled his iPhone out of his pocket and took a picture of himself with the Opry audience in the background.

Then it was time for the final set opened up and hosted by Pam Tillis


She was a good singer and was very funny with the crowd. She was trying to say something to us, but she fumbled over her words and said “See? I can’t talk either!” which had the crowd rolling because her famous father Mel Tillis is a stutterer.

Then there was guest artist Chuck Wicks


He was the real deal! HAHA I loved him!!! My cousin Evie reads my blog every day and is a country music fan. I know that she would love this guy! I’m going to post a video of my favorite song that he sang that Evie would love 😀

Then the show took an interesting turn when Pam Tillis returned to the stage and a fan yelled “shake the sugar tree” and she shook her butt hahaha Oh my!

Then Pam announced to the stage her father, Mel Tillis!!!


Mel is one of the last surviving greats of country music at 81 years old, but you couldn’t tell! He played the guitar, sang, and even did a little dance! He was wonderful and fun to watch.


Overall, the Grand Ole Opry experience is one I will never forget. It reminded me of how amazing country music is.

I enjoyed the show despite the absence of Lucy Hale and I look forward to going back to the Opry when she performs 😀