Bruno Mars wasn’t that bad!


Bruno Mars was the star of last night’s Super Bowl half-time show and he had a lot to live up to because of Beyoncé’s stellar performance last year…


Given the time that he had and the audience of over 100 million…he did an incredible job!!!

It all started with Bruno doing a cool drum solo


Then Mr. Mars went straight into his radio smash “Locked Out of Heaven”…a song that will make you blush if you really listen to the lyrics lol


Then he had some incredible footwork…


And one heck of a split!


Then there was the most awkward Red Hot Chili Peppers collaboration…


And the lead singer of RHCP came out with his shirt off but I’m really not surprised haha

Those guys are rockers!


And then there was the awesome time that they jumped lol


Then we had a little snippet of “Treasure” and then everyone’s favorite “Just The Way You Are”

just the way

And then the fireworks lit up all of New York City


Bruno Mars did a wonderful job! He was entertaining and fun!

I know not many people can forget how fabulous Beyoncé was last year, but I have to give Bruno props!!!


And let’s not forget the other highlight from the game…the Seattle Seahawks 😀



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