Prince makes me cry tears of joy


I’m going to dedicate the next few minutes to the artist formerly known as Prince


What I can say about Prince is that I always new of him, but I never really knew him until last semester when I decided to rent his Purple Rain album from my university’s library.


Well I was absolutely sold on him after listening to the whole thing haha I thought he was fun, “poppy” (a sound associated with pop music), zany, eccentric, and mesmerizing.


He’s not an incredible vocalist such as the likes of Elvis Presley or Andrea Bocelli, but he has his own style and it suits his music very well.

The title track of that album AKA a little song known as Purple Rain…absolutely amazed me and still does to this day!


I mean c’mon people! The song in its original form is 8 minutes and 43 seconds long! I wont bother mentioning the radio version’s length because whenever I want to listen to Purple Rain there is only one version lol 😀

The song is a masterpiece in its instrumentation and its overall feel! I get chills every time that I listen to it!


So Prince to me is a legend. He carries himself as one and the best thing about him to me is his persona…

Prince is secretive, mysterious, and alluring. Everything you would hope that an artist would be. The mystery about who he is…both publicly and personally is so fascinating to me and to be honest with you I would jump at any chance to see him perform.

#fangirl or for those of you who aren’t savvy on fangirling…that’s right. Fangirl has become a verb. Fangirl (verb): the art of expressing extreme excitement for a celebrity that you love.


Thank you Emma Watson! Thank you for fangirling!

I know one thing that would have made me pull a fangirling fest…Prince’s “The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party” last October!


The party started off at 2 a.m. at Prince’s Minnesota home and required partygoers to “dress 2 impress — keep it classy!” The show costs a suggested donation of $50!!! OMGOMGOMG 😀


I’ve never heard of a celebrity inviting fans to their house for a sleepover so Prince ranks as the number one artist concerned about letting his fans access him on my list!

I can only imagine the runway walks that happened that night


Well the reason that I’m talking about Prince today is because my favorite talk show The Wendy Williams Show has been talking about him for the past 2 days so I had to let you know a few things I heard about the ever mysterious man they compare to the color purple, doves, and clouds of magic…


That’s my girl Wendy ^^^ haha

So Wendy had this to say about Prince…she had never met him before until she got a call late on Sunday night after the Super Bowl and Prince’s debut guest spot on Fox’s hit show New Girl.


So Wendy was asked to come to “a club” to meet Prince because he wanted to meet her!!! (He’s a big fan of her show!!!) I mean who could say no! 😀 So she got dressed and went on her merry way…

Prince arrived and gave Wendy a hug instead of a handshake! Who knew he was a hugger!!! lol I love it because Prince has so much mystery to him that any little detail you find out is like a piece of gold haha

She asked him for a picture and he said “No picture darling, but you can hang out with me.” I can’t say that I would mind haha Prince is high-class company!


She said that Prince smelled of lavender which is hilarious since that is a shade of purple! 😀 And altogether it seems like Prince was a wonderful, down-to-earth guy with a good heart!

Well in today’s news, I read on Billboard he flew to London on Tuesday in support of his forthcoming album “Plectrum Electrum,” recorded with all-female trio 3RDEYEGIRL.

He didn’t play Wembley or the O2…

He played a suburban living room to a dozen people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG is right, Rihanna!

This wasn’t just any home people…it was the East London home of British soul singer Lianne La Havas!!! I discovered her last year and fell in love with her music and her incredible sound 😀

She apparently met Prince last year while she was touring in the US. They bonded over music and their love of tea! haha How adorable is that???


In Lianne’s living room in front of a fireplace, the band played two acoustic tracks including their newest single “PretzelBodyLogic.”


With that song title…I really don’t know how you could go wrong! HAHA

Of the band’s drummer, Hanna Ford…Prince said “she is an incredible teacher in all the genres – rock, punk…and ping pong.”

The man loves ping pong too! OMG You just can’t get any better than Prince right now!


I imagine his ping pong table to look something like that one ^^^

Prince plans on playing in London with his new band until people get tired of hearing them haha He neither confirmed or denied whether they will be playing Glastonbury Festival so I’m excited for that possibility 😀

I must head off to London now but before I go…

Let me tell you that the 55 year old mastermind Prince was not aware when they told him that 2014 marks the 30 year anniversary of his album Purple Rain…

His comment: “I don’t look back.”

2013 Billboard Music Awards - Show


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