Care for Cher?


I want to talk to you about Cher. That’s right. That diva with big hair and one of the most interesting sounding voices that I have ever heard!


Not the adorable Cher Lloyd!


That’s the right Cher! ^^^

She’s probably the single most impersonated person in Vegas other than Elvis!


People have wayyy too much time on their hands! lol

Anyways…Cher is now 67 years old and hot off the heels of her album release “Closer to the Truth” last September.


Before I go on…let me just say again…Cher is 67! I can’t believe she looks that young hahaha No wrinkles??? Really?!

So I know what you’re thinking…September doesn’t seem like yesterday, so why exactly is she hot right now??

Well it just so happens that “Closer to the Truth” was her first studio release since “Living Proof” back in 2002. The fact that she took an unbelievable 11 year hiatus and was able to have her HIGHEST CHARTING SOLO ALBUM EVER means to me that Cher is back and gaining more fans as she goes! 😀


Cher has been with Warner Music Group since 1996 but this morning she went on a Twitter rant about how the label and I quote “hasn’t got a great deal of interest in my CD”.


I have to laugh because she said CD! LOL I mean it just makes me crack up when I think of a 67 year old woman tweeting and then her referring to her album as a CD is so funny! 😀

Here are those beautiful tweets:

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.57.45 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.58.00 PM

I’m not sure if you can see it…but the beauty of these tweets is that the first one was posted at 10:42 am and the second one at 11:00 am hahaha I think that I might start using my Twitter just to keep tabs on Cher every day!

Not to mention here that she fluctuates back from using ALL CAPS to lowercase letters, she uses the crazy acronym YHSTLOM (You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me), and she calls her label reps hardworking and adorable!


Cher’s main label rep ^^^

So I mean the woman’s tweets are hilarious, she’s an iconic figure in music, and at 67 she’s still active in this business! I have to give it up to her!

Just take a look at her Twitter if you’re bored:

Just so you know, in support of Cher’s new album she is going on tour for the first time since her farewell tour which lasted from 2002 all the way up until 2005!

The “Dressed to Kill” tour kicks off March 22nd in Phoenix and Cher will be joined for the first 13 dates by none other than Pat Benatar!!! Mrs. Love is a Battlefield herself 😀 I just adore that song!


After Pat’s dates are over, Cyndi Lauper will join Cher starting April 23rd in Buffalo, NY for the remaining 36 dates!


This sounds like the best 80’s comeback tour I’ve ever heard of! 😀

49 chances to see Cher this year! Good luck everyone!


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