CeeLo Green announces he’s leaving The Voice


CeeLo Green announced today on The Ellen Show that he is leaving NBC’s hit talent show, The Voice.


This comes as a shock to many as CeeLo appeared on the first three seasons with his evil cat alongside superstar judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine.

nup-153138-0848-jpgThe Voice really stole the thunder from American Idol and I can see why!

They had a fresh idea of not seeing the person before choosing them to be a part on the show. My mom always knew that Simon Cowell liked someone’s voice on American Idol when he would look down during their audition, so perhaps Simon was the originator of this concept of voice before appearance.

CeeLo was missing in season 4 of The Voice to make way for new chair members:

shakiraushervoic1I’m not an avid TV watcher. Trust me! haha

The only shows that I devote any time to are Pretty Little Liars, Single Ladies, and The Wendy Williams Show.

I admit that I used to watch American Idol ever since I saw Kelly Clarkson win on the Season 1 Finale, but when I moved from Florida to Tennessee for college, my studies became the most important to me. I don’t watch much TV other than the 3 shows I mentioned…I give you my scout’s honor! πŸ˜€

Having said that, I do enjoy seeing The Voice in passing whenever I have the chance to!

My best friends came over to watch the season finale when Cassadee Pope won!


I had watched 0% of that entire season, but I knew Cassadee from having followed her former band Hey Monday! I got the opportunity to see them perform 4 times in concert πŸ˜€

So anyways, the shock in Cee Lo’s words on The Ellen Show today was that he exclaimed he will never be back on the show.

CeeLo was joined for the last season – season 5 of The Voice by original chair member Christina Aguilera.

I guess there was some hope from The Voice fans that he would be back in the chair, but today he put those rumors to rest.

On the other hand, CeeLo is a really, really talented guy. I saw him perform a free show in Orlando with my best friends and it was awesome!

And this song alone should solidify his abilities:

CeeLo was also appearing on The Ellen Show with Lionel Richie whom he will be touring with this year from May until August!

CeeLo reportedly still has a deal with NBC so I wouldn’t be surprised if a CeeLo show is in the works!! Whatever it may be…we know it will be worth it! His talent is incredible!

Here’s the official interview from Ellen:

I encourage anyone who actually watches more TV than I do to tune into the season 6 premiere of The Voice this coming Monday, February 24th!


The Voice has really gotten great reviews and according to my best friend…Shakira is hilarious! lol

I love Shakira so I can’t say that I’m angry with that observation about her!

See for yourself…

The Voice has made a great name for itself and I don’t think it will be going anywhere for a long time! The show’s audience is loyal πŸ˜€

Happy Trails and good luck to CeeLo! You’re still cool in my book!!!



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