Jennifer Nettles rocks The Ryman


Last night I had the absolute pleasure of going to The Ryman, The Mother Church of Country Music, with my friend Trevor to see Jennifer Nettles and famous songwriter Brandy Clark.


Brandy was so funny, nice, and delightful! Her songs are so funny and honest!! She’s my friend Trevor’s biggest influence and I can see why HAHA She’s an incredible songwriter!

Here’s a sample of her writing prowess:

See what I mean? haha She’s hilarious!

We got to go to the merch table to shake her hand and say hey during intermission! It was so nice to meet her and she was sweet as can be 😀


Then it was time for Miss Jennifer Nettles!!!

She came on stage with that familiar groove from her song “That Girl”. I was kinda surprised that she did her most popular song from her solo album first, but nonetheless I was happy to hear it 😀

She was reminding me of Minnie Pearl from old footage I saw when my parents and I toured The Ryman. She was querky when she interacted with the audience and was downright hysterical saying things like “I have a s**t ton of family here tonight”.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.56.35 PM

Jennifer put on such an incredible show! Her voice was flawless as usual!

She has a gorgeous song called “This Angel” on her latest solo album that she invited her co-writer Mike Reid to the stage to play piano for her.

Mike Reid was mentioned by Jennifer as being a football great for his alma-mater Penn State and for the NFL. Come to find out, he co-wrote “I Can’t Make You Love Me” with Bonnie Raitt so you know this guy is talented! He was incredible with the piano!

DSC08223Jennifer also peppered in a few Sugarland hits during the show. She played full versions of “Something More”, “All I Want To Do”, and a snippet of “Everyday America”.

sugarland-2I was really hoping to hear Jennifer sing “Stay” but it didn’t happen last night. I’ve already seen Sugarland on tour twice so I can think back to those performances in my head 😀

My other favorite Sugarland song that I didn’t hear was sung on the way home…

Jennifer was so engaging with the audience and brought country fun back to The Ryman!



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