Lady Gaga can’t perform at SXSW Music Festival!


SXSW is the acronym for South By Southwest, the famous Music Festival in Austin, Texas.


The festival’s 2013 annual report showed 57,000 people attended the 3 day music festival at the Auditorium Shores Stage as seen in the in picture above.

What an incredible turn out! I would love to go to this festival one year or really any festival. I’m starting to get the festival bug after reporting about so many of them! HAHA 😀

In 2012, SXSW was directly and indirectly responsible for injecting approximately $190 million into the Austin, TX economy! That’s an incredible boom for the city so I’m sure they aren’t planning on stopping this event anytime soon. The success of it is tremendous!

Just so you know SXSW also has a Film festival and an Interactive festival. The dates for all three festivals are…Interactive: March 7–11, Film: March 7–15, and Music: March 11–16.

So when you Google SXSW now, the first and the majority of news that comes up is a story about an unknown artist named Lady Gaga…just kidding! She’s a global pop superstar!


It just so happens that Gaga was turned down to perform at SXSW!!! At first I thought…seriously??? The thing that sucks about this rejection is that nobody knew that Lady G was going to perform and the music festival is only a few weeks away!

Allow me to explain the best that I can…

Lady Gaga had requested to perform in a giant vending machine. That’s right! A vending machine! Let me just say that this vending machine is six-stories tall and is sponsored by Doritos for the official Doritos’ annual South By Southwest party. SXSW is denying Gaga’s permit request on the account of what they say are “public safety concerns”.

Here’s what the vending machine looks like…

doritosThere’s a stage below the vending machine so it’s really not as unsafe as I thought.

Here is the quote from Don Pitts, the manager of Austin’s Music & Entertainment division: “As part of the review process, the applicant provides a talent list to the city team to review and we can adjust public resources as necessary. We look at the size and capacity of the location covered by the permit being sought, and how it fits with the anticipated attendance, based on event capacity and promotion. And the end of the day, it’s a parking lot.”

To me that is VERY vague. He should have said something that got straight down to the point like, “We cannot allow Lady Gaga to perform because the expected attendance will be over the limit of what we can accommodate for that particular stage during SXSW.” That is generally the drift that I caught from that muddled statement.

The vending machine is located in a parking lot located adjacent to Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant on Fifth Street in downtown Austin and in previous years, Doritos has had the same vending machine stage that has hosted shows by LL Cool J and Snoop Dogg.


Don Pitts went on to say, “We informed the applicant that we would support relocation to an established venue with the necessary permanent infrastructure.”

The applicant is really making me laugh since everyone knows that it’s Lady Gaga at this point! I mean really! 😀

SXSW is looking to accommodate Lady Gaga’s performance in a permanent structure which I imagine means that she can’t be apart of an outdoor stage 😦

I mean this girl has played the Glastonbury Festival in London and certainly they didn’t turn her down for an outdoor stage permit!

lady-gaga-talking-crowdwaveIf I were booking this event, I wouldn’t have told Lady Gaga no. There should have been a private discussion with her and not a public statement. She could have been moved to another stage and it could have remained a secret to SXSW and all her fans in Texas!

I just wish that SXSW had their thinking caps on because I doubt Gaga will perform now given the fact that everybody knows and it’s not a surprise anymore.

They lost a big name and I hope that this is a good lesson for them to keep an artist’s appearance quiet. Technically, they could have denied her if none of the stages could work for her influx of Little Monsters AKA her fans, IN private! Then no fans would have known and nobody would be up in arms over this.

I rest my case 😀

In closing, let’s never forget the way Lady Gaga killed it at the VMA’s…


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