Kesha leaves rehab!


Kesha posted the following Twit Pic a little after 9 pm last night showing that she was in a plane heading home from rehab in Illinois!

Our pop superstar entered into rehab at Timberline Knolls, located outside of Chicago, on January 3rd and received a good 2 months of treatment in which she called “really hard and necessary work.”

Timberline Knolls is the same place where Demi Lovato was treated in 2010.

In a press statement released on February 4th, Kesha said that she would be postponing her March and April tour dates after following advice from her doctors. I thought that meant that she would be in rehab until the end of April, but I guess not 😀

Posting that pic to Twitter was her first tweet since January 22nd!

She has most certainly been taking time off to heal and we can’t blame her. 

Soon after the Twit Pic…Kesha had these things to say to her fans:

Kesha seems to be in great spirits and is working on lots of new music for us 😀

Also, let it be noted that Kesha has dropped the dollar sign from her Twitter name and changed her Twitter handle to @KeshaRose. For years her Twitter handle was @keshasuxx and I guess now she is trying to be less self-deprecating.

Kesha looked radiant with rainbow hair when she arrived at the LAX airport:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 1.18.46 PMShe looks ill in her before picture and healthy in the after picture! 😀

She was wearing a sweater that said “IMA SURVIVOR” which was such a great statement for what she has gone through over the past few months.

Kesha’s sweater reminds most people of the Destiny’s Child power anthem Survivor

surI found a statement that Kesha’s mom made back in January to People saying that Kesha’s eating disorder was possibly fatal and that her doctor called it “a miracle” that she survived after starving herself 😦

I’m so glad that Kesha sought out treatment and is back stronger than ever!

I knew she could do it and I’m excited for her new music to be released!

No word on whether Dr. Luke is set to continue on as a mentor and producer for Kesha, but I’ll keep looking for that information to surface! I hope they call it a truce and get back to the music!!!

And it looks like March 1st wasn’t only a birthday celebration for the Biebz!

Kesha also celebrated her birthday on the 1st when she turned 27!

So it’s a Happy Belated Birthday to Kesha and best wishes for her in recovery!



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