Nicole Scherzinger is engaged!


The news just broke this morning that superstar singer Nicole Scherzinger was proposed to recently and she said YES!


The lucky man is her longtime boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, a Formula 1 race car driver!

LewisFor those of you without a clue of the name Nicole Scherzinger and how it applies to music…Nicole was the lead singer of the famous burlesque-inspired girl group:

The Pussycat Dolls

NicoleandPCDLead singers always go in the center…so now you know who I’m talking about 🙂

I had heard about Nicole and Lewis being an item a while ago although I didn’t realize that they were still together after ending their 7 year relationship last summer!

The long distance caused a serious rift between them in the past, however they gave it another shot and rekindled their romance just a few months ago in November!

hamilton-scherzinger-premiere-cars-2-02They make for a beautiful couple don’t they?!

Word on the street is the Formula 1 champ asked Miss Scherzinger to marry him at his mansion in Switzerland!

Little_Bokeelia_ho_2364387bThat’s not it but WOW what beautiful architecture the Swiss have in their country!!!

I tried to Google and see a picture of the mansion, but there wasn’t one 😦

Apparently they have plans to settle down in Switzerland as well!

Thinking about Nicole, I can’t see how that would be practical for her considering she works as a solo artist now in the US, but an insider has reported, “Lewis will be the main breadwinner when Nicole is not working and she will always have access to his private jet if she needs to travel.”

Private jet. Excuse me?!

lewisplane_1773060aThat’s a picture of Lewis’ jet…I love the color!

So I know what you’re thinking…

1. Mansion in Switzerland

2. Breadwinner

3. Private Jet

Mansion + Bread winning + Private jet = HOW MUCH IS HE WORTH?!

I’m glad you asked!

Lewis Hamilton is worth…Wait for it…

200 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly had no idea that you could make that much money from racing Formula 1 cars, but I think I’m going to start taking racing lessons here soon 😉

I had no idea Lewis was worth that much money to be honest with you!

I didn’t see race car driver and put hundreds of millions in my head!

He also has one of these…

yachtNice yacht man!

Mr. Hamilton hinted on Instagram last week when he described Nicole as his “wifey” in this picture of them in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City:

Aren’t they just painfully adorable?! I support all adorable couples! 😀

The Star reported that Nicole has turned down Lewis’ proposal on three previous occasions!

God Bless Lewis for being persistent because Nicole was passing up marriage to an insanely well accomplished, adorable man!

Nicole was reportedly “gushing” yesterday on Twitter when her beau finished in pole position in a qualifying race ahead of the Australian Grand Prix!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 12.01.46 PM

Isn’t that just the cutest?! “Race ur heart out babe!” LOL 😀

It has been reported that during the time Lewis and Nicole spent apart, he was absolutely ­distraught and he said that if he ever got her back he would never let her go!!!

This guy is definitely a Prince! A Disney-level Prince! Hang onto him Nicole!


The same “source” added: “He adores Nicole. They are so in love. Their circle of friends think that now they’re back together they will be ­married within months.”

Back together? That’s no question! haha Married within months? That’s certain!

Ideally they are planning to have a big wedding in August when Lewis has a three-week break from his F1 schedule! 😀

The couple are said to be eager to start a family!!!

And let it be known to all of those who don’t know Nicole that she has one of the most incredible voices in the music industry!

I saw Nicole with the Dolls when they opened for Christina Aguilera on her Back to Basics tour and she out-sang Christina! That’s really saying something!

That song is so beautiful and her voice is stellar as always 😀

I couldn’t be happier for Nicole and I really think she has found an incredible man!



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