Tin Pan South rocking through Nashville!


Last night was a truly magical “Nashville cool” night at my first show of Tin Pan South 2014.

Tin Pan South is a 5 day, Songwriters Festival, from Tuesday through Saturday, located in Music City AKA Nashville at all the great venues.

Tin Pan is sponsored my NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) where the theme is “It all begins with a song”


I’ve been to a couple shows over the past 2 years that I’ve been in Nashville and they are just incredible!!! Every single songwriter in this town is talented, whether you know them by name or not!! March always seems to sneak up on me and my parents couldn’t have picked a better weekend for a visit!

Here is the official logo for this year’s Festival:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.51.39 PM

Guitars, banjos, violins and pianos…their graphic designer went all out this year! 😀

I told my parents as they were planning on going to Tin Pan shows with me that we have the opportunity to see Kara Dioguardi while they are in town!!!


Well my mom just about did a backflip when I told her because we both share a common bond for loving to watch Kara sing the songs she has written for other artists on YouTube!!!

My parents definitely agreed that we could not in a million years miss that show!!!

So my parents and I headed out last night to 3rd & Lindsley for the show. I suggested that we should get there at least an hour early and we made it just on time for 5 o’clock 😀


They let us in about 20 minutes later which was so great and we found seats at a table quite close to the stage! I had never visited 3rd & Lindsley before, but it was nice as can be inside and had a great vibe!!!

So my parents and I are sitting there getting to know the songwriters / Tin Pan South fans at our table, when all of a sudden…Kara Dioguardi  walked right behind us!!! My mom was sitting next to me and she turned around to talk to Kara!!

My mom said “Hey!! Kara! Everybody at this table has a picture with you but me!” Then Kara laughed and my mom went on…”My daughter and I love you so much! You have NO idea how many times we have watched “Lost”, the song you wrote for Faith Hill!”

Kara said, “Oh, on YouTube?” and my mom said, “YES!…..Kara! If you sing Lost I will crawl in a hole a die tonight” HAHAHAHAHAHA I said “It’s one of the most passionate performances we’ve ever seen!”

Meanwhile Kara said “Oh you’re so sweet” to my mom and I so many times I lost track! 😀

She was flattered by our praises and then my mom who is incredibly bold whenever she meets celebrities (She once told Fergie “I love your nails” while she held her hand and touched every nail) told Kara: “Put your head right here between me and Stella and we’ll get a picture!” HAHAHAHA

My dad: “Are you telling her what to do?” (At this point Kara is bent down with her head next to my mom’s, grinning from ear to ear) & my: “Yes I am! She loves us!”

Here’s the evidence:

I actually met Kara this same time last year at a Tin Pan South show at The Listening Room Cafe, yet when given the chance to meet Kara…you can’t say no! She’s so nice and so talented! 🙂

883597_525408860830837_1162969184_oLast night was already off to an insanely good start with a meet and greet with one of the most talented songwriters at Tin Pan, and then once the show started it got even better!

But before I get to the show…watch Kara singing Lost:

As for the show last night…

The setup for Tin Pan South shows are “songwriter rounds” meaning that the songwriters typically sit on stools at the edge of the stage with their guitars, or at a bench with their keyboard, and go down the line and do 1 song each until we get to about an hour and a half of incredible songs and performances! 😀

The early show at 3rd & Lindsley @ 6 pm featured 4 songwriters: James Slater, Jeff Cohen, JT Harding, and Kara Dioguardi and the show boasted the quirky title Beauty & The Beasts

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.36.50 PMJames Slater, Jeff Cohen, JT Harding, & Kara Dioguardi

Instead of running everyone through a play-by-play, I’ll just tell you what songs we were lucky to hear last night…

James Slater


1. Mexicoma cut by Tim McGraw

2. High Cost of Living cut by Jamey Johnson

3. Open Season on my Heart cut by Tim McGraw

4. In My Daughters Eyes cut by Martina McBride

5. Lookin’ for That Girl cut by none other than Tim McGraw


Jeff Cohen

JEFF COHEN In The Round Nashville Music Gig

1. Crazy for This Girl, cut by Evan and Jaron

2. Postcard From Paris cut by The Band Perry

3. Giddy on Up cut by Laura Bell Bundy

4. In Her Eyes cut by Josh Groban

5. Nice Talking to Me cut by Spin Doctors


JT Harding

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 4.32.04 PM

1. Somewhere With You cut by Kenny Chesney

2. Alone With You cut by Jake Owen

3. Nobody’s Sad on a Saturday Night cut by Uncle Kracker

4. Smile cut by Uncle Kracker

5. Somewhere in My Car by Keith Urban


Kara Dioguardi


1. Pieces of Me cut by Ashlee Simpson

2. Walk Away cut by Kelly Clarkson

3. Sober cut by P!nk

4. Mama’s Song cut by Carrie Underwood

5. Undo It cut by Kara Dioguardi


Some incredible songs, huh?!

I forgot my camera last night unfortunately 😦 but here’s an iPhone photo from my mom’s phone last night 😀

IMG_5040 (1)

The show was wonderful and so entertaining!!! I hope everyone can make it out to a Tin Pan South show this weekend! If you can’t, I recommend you travel to Nashville for Spring Break next year!!!!!


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