Discover: Dan + Shay


There’s a new duo with roots right here in Nashville that I’ve heard of all over town! That duo is known in country music by the name “Day + Shay”

dan-shay-600Dan + Shay (left: Dan Smyers & right: Shay Mooney)

Dan Smyers (turns 27 on August 16th) was raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania and attended North Allegheny Senior High School. Dan went to the well-known college, Carnegie Mellon University, to study Finance. I’m already thinking WOW! What a smartie! Finance was one of the hardest classes if not the hardest one I’ve ever taken! Go Dan Go! 😀

QzmLwhY-Dan showing off his hair 🙂

Shay Mooney (turns 23 on December 27th) was raised in Natural Dam, Arkansas where he attended Van Buren High School.

5a2ca8e73a883f438ad497775a04a815Shay gazing into the sunset 🙂

Before the boys met one another, Dan was a member of a group called Bonaventure in addition to being a previous member of the band Transition that was signed to the label Floodgate Records. On the other hand, Shay was a solo artist signed to the label Nappy Boy Entertainment AKA autotune superstar rapper T-Pain’s label! That seems so random to me! LOL 😀

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 1.20.37 PM

From left: Bonaventure, Transition (Dan in the middle), and Shay with T-Pain! 🙂

Not everyone can say they sang on a T-Pain song lol so here we go…


Shay does a great job and his voice really soars! I can see why T-Pain loves him 😀

Day and Shay met in Nashville at a house party in December 2012 and started writing the day after they met! That’s what I call Nashville magic people! 🙂

1951_1380147352Besties since Day 1 😀

That party was at Dan’s old house on Morton Ave. in Nashville in a home that the boys have described as “rough.”

Dan told “Taste of Country” why there was a tent in the living room…“We didn’t have enough money to pay for heat, so I went to a thrift store and bought every sheet in the place and built a tent in the living room. We just all huddled around, like ‘Nashville is awesome!’”

That was where they stayed up playing music, drinking beer, & writing songs until 4AM!

Talk about being in dire straits! Unbelievable!!!

Later that week, the first song they ever wrote together got put “on hold” for Rascal Flatts. In other words, they weren’t allowed to have any other artist record it which is neat!

rascalRascal Flatts

Dan told the following to “Taste of Country” about being a starving artist: “I did some funny things when I moved to town. I couldn’t pay for heat and I was like doing research groups. I was taste-testing pizza, which was pretty nice because I didn’t have any money to eat so I’d go to these Papa Johns or Dominoes pizza taste-testing. It was like $25 for an hour and they had left over pizza and I’d be like “Hey you mind if I take a couple of those boxes?” I’d take ‘em and I’d eat ‘em…I figured if I lived here I didn’t want to pick up a side job. I just wanted to focus all my time and energy on writing songs and producing songs. You gotta go all in if you really believe in something.”

Dan+Smyers+iHeartRadio+Country+Festival+Austin+QFQiDlQlZ5flNow you know that this guy lived for his music! 🙂 #Respect

Within two months the duo had many publishing deal offers and decided to sign with Warner/Chappell Music and only a mere 6 months after Dan & Shay met…they were signed by Warner Nashville! At the time of their signing with the major label, they had an album in the works and a single at radio!

BlakeScottJohnFrom left: Blake Shelton, VP of A&R Scott Hendricks, & Warner’s President John Esposito

Their single is called ’19 You + Me’ and I absolutely love it! Take a listen…


The seem to love the plus sign A LOT! +++++ 😉

’19 You + Me’ gained the duo a lot of interest in country music and even earned them a nomination for Top Vocal Duo at the Academy of Country Music awards (ACM’s).


As if their success could be any more rapid, Dan + Shay earned the honor of being the opening act on the Hunter Hayes AND Blake Shelton tours of 2014! Now granted, Hunter & Blake are both Warner Nashville artists as well, although I think this is very important because it means that the whole team at Warner Nashville really believes in them!!! 🙂

The duo made their Grand Ole Opry debut on February 1, 2014!


It’s always an honor to be noticed by the Opry!

Their debut album “Where It All Began” was released on April 1, 2014, which was produced by Scott Hendricks…the man of many talents and 50 #1’s from Warner Nashville that you saw above 😀


As I mentioned, Dan + Shay are the opening act for Hunter Hayes on his “We’re Not Invisible Tour”, which began in March 2014 and they will open up for Blake Shelton on his “Ten Times Crazier Tour 2014” which will begin in June 2014 🙂 Here’s are the official promo photos:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 2.01.11 PM

A few weeks ago, Dan was hurt in a car accident and is in a cast! Poor guy! 😦

Get well soon Dan!!!

And let’s check in on them since it’s Easter Sunday to see what the bunny brought them…

No word on what Shay got from the Easter Bunny! HAHA 🙂

In the meantime, check out Dan + Shay’s official website:

And their YouTube channel:

Dan + Shay are gaining crazy good momentum in the country music game and I couldn’t be more proud of these young men from humble beginnings 🙂



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