Jessie J is working on her third album!


Jessie J is one of my all-time favorite female singers & is currently busy in the studio!!!

Jessie JAny woman with the boldness to shave her head is a rockstar!

There are so many videos on Jessie’s Instagram from the studio…18 to be exact!

Check out all 18 videos here:

Then there were a few amazing tweets:


So it’s safe to say that Jessie is getting down to business and preparing to grace the world with another collection of amazing music! 😀

I’m excited to hear new music from Jessie even though I just got her 2nd album!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.59.03 AMCaption: OMGOMGOMG Best December 26th Christmas present ever!

Christmas came late last year, but Jessie still gave me the best 17 song present to celebrate the holiday season!

Alive has not been released in the US yet…I repeat…Jessie’s J’s second album is not available in the United States of America! 😦

I didn’t fly out of the country…even though it was tempting to do so! Instead, I let my friends at send me an Import from Thailand! 😀

The album is incredible and I have no idea why Jessie’s label is holding “Alive” back from being released in the US. They say they want to throw US producers on it to make it more friendly to the domestic market, but c’mon! This album is PURE PLATINUM! 🙂

Here is the official tracklist:


I know I said 17 songs which is true because I have the Deluxe version! 😀

My favorite songs are Thunder, Square One, Breathe, Harder We Fall, Wild, Gold, Alive, and the power-ballad: I Miss Her. There are so many stand-out songs!!!

Check out the song/music video for “Thunder”:

You’re welcome!

I really want to play “I Miss Her” for you too…


That song is so crazy! WHAT a voice! #Powerhouse

I first heard of Jessie J from my dad! Yes…my dad! LOL

My dad was watching Saturday Night Live one night and he called me into the room and said “Hey Stell, there’s this girl performing on Saturday Night Live. Her name is Jessie J. Have you heard of her?” And I said “Uhhmmm. No!”

So that was my introduction to Jessie which is quite special really! 😀 After that SNL performance, I got intrigued about who in the world Jessie J was since I had never heard of her before.

And then “Price Tag” happened:

That song features the rapper B.o.B and made her famous in the US!

Just so you know…Jessie J’s real life name is Jessica Cornish and she’s only 26 years old 🙂 She was born in Chadwell Heath (East London) and raised in London, England.

I had to get her second album right away…even if I had to import it…because I was dying for new music from Jessie since her first album “Who You Are” was released in 2011.

jessie-j-who-you-areJessie was the queen of “lip art” in promotion for her debut album!



Jessie is a real talent and showcased that in the song “Big White Room”:

You’re welcome again!

I really need to see Jessie J on tour considering I’ve never seen her before! #Soon

I’m happy to see a truly phenomenal songstress back in the studio! 😀 #jessiealbum3

Check out this wonderful live performance & import your own copy of “Alive”!!!


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