Lindsay Lohan is getting back to music


Lindsay Lohan is going to start making her way back into the Pop music world!!!


A recent photo of Lindsay from her OWN Docu-Series

I just heard today that Lindsay is looking for a rapper to be featured on a song on her next album! 🙂 Lindsay has never collaborated with anyone on an album before so this is quite an interesting development!

Lindsay is now living in London, England while on the lookout for a rapper to collaborate with in the studio!

Might I suggest one of the following:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.26.07 PM

Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or the new, natural beauty: Nicki Minaj

Any one of those collaborators would be great considering they are all well loved! 😉

An insider reported to UK’s ‘The Sun’: “Lindsay is staying in London and wants to record an album while she’s here. She’s been casting a net for collaborators and top of the list is a rapper to feature on her comeback single.”

A rapper on your comeback single actually really works! #GoodIdeaLindsay

The insider added: “In between partying, she’s taking the music seriously.”

Most of us know that talk show diva/female billionaire Oprah Winfrey gave Lindsay a chance by paying her around 2 million dollars for an 8-part documentary series called “Lindsay” that aired on the Oprah’s OWN network.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.34.16 PM

Pretty fancy schmancy huh? 😀

The show aired on Sunday, March 6th, and although in my true rarely-watch TV form, I was informed about the most important part of the show by my favorite talk show host, Wendy Williams.


How You Doin’ Wendy?

In an episode of “Lindsay”, Oprah gave the redheaded woman a stern lecture:

When Oprah tells you to “cut the bulls***” you better cut it right now!

Well the reports are saying that Lindsay is trying her hardest to keep her partying in London hush hush from her mentor Oprah! Oh we’ll see how long that lasts!!!

An insider told UK’s ‘Mirror’: “Lindsay is desperate to keep up appearances and while she isn’t behaving all that badly, she knows Oprah will be furious to see her leaving clubs at 4am. It goes against the image she is trying to portray and Oprah wants her to focus on becoming that happy, healthy person.”


You tell her O! 🙂

They went on to say: “Lindsay did everything in her power to stop Oprah finding out, including wrapping things around her face so she couldn’t be recognized and claiming she was in NY.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.57.03 PM

That’s funny because she’s been hiding her face from paparazzi for years!

We all know Lindsay for her impressive portrayal of twins & It girl, Cady Heron:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 5.01.05 PM

The Parent Trap & Mean Girls #TheGoodOldDays

I’m sad to see addiction nab someone else from their full potential, but to be honest, Lindsay’s music really stood out to me as not just another celebrity trying to sing.

Lindsay’s debut album “Speak” was released on December 7, 2004 and went platinum…selling 1 million copies in the US!!! 😀


I really liked this album! #NotGonnaLie

She had an explosive debut single with “Rumors”:

Loving this video hahaha

And another awesome song that turned into a single called “Over”:

Such a sad song, but I love it! HAHA

Lindsay’s second album “A Little More Personal (Raw)” was released nearly 1 year later on December 5, 2005!

Lindz really put herself on the music map with “Confessions of a Broken Heart”:

I just watched that video for the first time in years and still got chills!! 🙂

“A Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita)” was my favorite song on the record:

That’s real songwriting and Lindsay shared such a beautiful message with us!

Lindsay wrote so many songs on her albums with a dear friend to Music Row Girl: songwriting superstar Kara Dioguardi!

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 5.33.53 PM

My mom & I with Kara on Spring Break in Nashville! HAHA 😀

In May 2008, Lindsay’s single “Bossy” leaked online and was supposed to be the predecessor for her third album…


Lindsay somehow got out of her “you must record 3 full-length albums for us” clause with Sony Music and went on her merry way.

There was a highly-anticipated collaboration with Pharrell called “Playground” that I only heard the short clip of one time before it was taken offline for good so I can’t even sing you any part of that unreleased song! 😦

I looked all over YouTube for us, and let’s just say, I’d have better luck finding this:


Loch Ness Monster

I’m really excited to hear new music from Lindsay you guys! #WelcomeBackLL



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