Discover: Aiden Jude


A couple days ago I came across a very special up and coming EDM superstar!


Meet 10 year old DJ Aiden Jude

Yes! 10 YEARS OLD! I really can’t even believe that it is possible to have mastered any kind of instrument, computer, or soundboard before your 11th birthday! Well maybe he hasn’t mastered it, but hey! He’s trending!

Aiden is an electro house music producer & he’s opening for Mobb Deep in Hollywood!


Havoc & Prodigy of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep

Don’t let California fool you though, this young man hails from New York and is dabbling in famous DJ computer software programs like Logic and Ableton to hone his skills.


I have not a clue what the difference between the two is! 😀

In addition to being an opening act, Aiden has gigs this year at Lure and Lavo!

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.39.55 PM

Lure Nightclub in LA & Lavo Nightclub in NYC

Aiden attributes his love of DJing to his father and his uncle DJ Coleman for introducing him to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which is now his favorite genre.


Aiden’s Uncle Coleman Feltes in the booth 🙂

Aiden’s top influences are EDM superstars:

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.50.51 PM

Sebastian Ingrosso, Tïesto, and Avicii

As for Aiden still being “just a kid” he said: “I’m a regular kid. I play sports. I like computer games. I like everything kids like. Most of all, I sincerely enjoy living. I got to see and experience a lot from early on with traveling around the world and with a very active family. I just love life and that I would say is my inspiration.”


He doesn’t look like a normal kid to me, but I love his outlook on life 😀

Aiden Jude just released his first single “Tonight” on April 14th! Listen here:

I’ve got to say that I’m incredibly impressed with him! #DJAJ

Purchase “Tonight” here for $1.99:

I wish that I knew more to tell you about him, but it’s too soon to tell! 😉 HAHA #Pun

In the meantime, look out for DJ Aiden & look at the coolest desk for homework:



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