‘Rising Star’ competition premieres in June!


Just when you though there wasn’t going to be another talent competition on TV…


…you were wrong!

There is a new singing competition coming to ABC this summer called “Rising Star” and the rules are still a little vague to me.

What I can tell you is that the panel of expert judges is a great trio consisting of: Kesha, Ludacris, and Brad Paisley.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.20.17 PM

Kesha, Ludacris, & Brad Paisley were once rising stars too! 🙂

And the show will be hosted by one of the kings of modern classical music: Josh Groban!


He might be nerdy, but he can sing!

“Rising Star” has the same kind of format that the famous singing competition American Idol has with a panel of judges to give feedback on the performances and the elimination of contestants is based on America’s vote! 🙂


I used to watch AI every week! #HowTimesHaveChanged

Now there is no way this show can be an exact copycat of American Idol…so how is it different?? Well…”Rising Star” means that the stage rises to the top level based on America’s votes during the live shows. That’s what I got from the promo video:

3 stories tall?! I hope that thing moves slow! HAHAHA

The only details we have so far is that the show will feature “unknown singers performing in front of a giant video wall, with viewers voting on the performance in real time as the performance progresses. The results pop up on the video wall, and if the performer gets high marks from the viewers, the video wall rises and the singer gets a glimpse of the studio audience.”

Sounds really cool actually! 😀

I like the premise of this show, but I’m interested to see it in action! I mean what happens if you make it only like 75% of the way up?!

I hope it’s not like Ellen’s “Know or Go” game!


That would be absolutely terrifying!

The newest singing competition on the block premieres on Sunday, June 22nd on ABC and I’m sure I will be tuning in just to see how Kesha is in her first public debut in the entertainment industry since her stint in rehab! 😀

Everyone tune in to see how the riser works & to support Kesha this summer!!!



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