Robert Pattinson’s solo album coming soon!


This is very exciting news and I’ll tell you why…Robert Pattinson is an amazing musician!


Not to mention his chiseled chin and piercing blue-green eyes!

It’s been a good while…a year and a half…since Robert made his last appearance in the Twilight Saga films as everybody’s favorite vampire: Edward Cullen. Breaking Dawn Part II was the last movie in the series of five and premiered in theaters on November 16, 2012.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 5.58.01 PMI’ve seen every single movie and I have to say “Eclipse” is my favorite!

Not many people know that beyond being a vampire, Robert Pattinson has more talent! However…I’ve known that since 2008 when the first Twilight movie premiered!

I’m not just talking about “Bella’s Lullaby” that he played on the piano in the movie:

Even though that was very beautiful 😀

I’m referring to his voice in “Let Me Sign” on the first Twilight soundtrack:

WOW was all I could think of when I first heard him sing!

Rob also released another incredible song on that soundtrack called “Never Think”:

And apparently if you go to iTunes right now, you can buy two other Robert Pattinson songs from the “How To Be” soundtrack that came out on November 12, 2011. There are 3 songs up for grabs! “Chokin’ on the Dust Pt. 1”, “Chokin’ on the Dust Pt. 2”, and “Doin’ Fine”.

Take a listen to “Doin’ Fine”:

His music is so quirky and I love it!!!

In the best news possible, Robert Pattinson is planning to release his debut album soon!!!

I just did a backflip!



It’s being reported that Rob’s career shift from acting to singing will happen in the near future and that he’s been busy producing his first album!!!

The only thing I’m really hoping for is a group of songs that are all possibly 3 minutes or longer, but if Mr. Pattinson thinks 2 minutes is enough to make us say WOW then I’m okay with that! 😀

Rob never really took his music seriously and has just played in local bars & pubs!

An insider had this to say about Rob: “He loves acting, but his real passion is music. He’s eager to record a solo album when he finishes up his film commitments. During his free time on set, he is working on his music. It’s a bit tough because he’s so busy, but of course he takes his guitar wherever he goes.”

Sounds like Rob is really serious about his music! 🙂

The insider went on to say, “Last year, he started working with one of the top songwriters in the industry. They hope to produce and record a hit single when they are finished, along with an entire album as well.”

I’m really happy that Rob is going to release a solo album and I know that he will be successful! I love his style and music seems so natural for him! I can’t wait for Rob’s album to come out!!! #CountingDownTheDays



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