Discover: MAGIC!


There’s this song I keep hearing on my drives around Nashville that’s so amazing!!! 😀

It’s called “Rude” and is about a young man asking his girlfriend’s father’s permission for her hand in marriage and the dad tells him: “You’ll never get my blessing ’til the day you die”. Then he sings: “I’m gonna marry her anyway!” HAHA It’s quite a catchy tune!! Take a listen…

9,448,206 views already?! #WOW

The band is called “MAGIC!” and is a “Canadian reggae-pop band” which is certainly a combination I never saw coming! 🙂 The band is made up of 4 members…well-known songwriter and producer: Nasri Atweh (lead vocals), guitarist Mark Pelli, drummer Alex Tanas, and bassist Ben Spivak.


Left to Right: Alex Tanas, Ben Spivak, Nasri Atweh, & Mark Pelli

On October 11th, 2013, “Rude” was released as their debut single and it reached #2 in Australia & New Zealand and #6 in Canada!



MAGIC! is also featured on Shakira’s latest album that came out on February 24th of this year! Their song is called “Cut Me Deep” and has a very cool sound! Check it out:


The songs I have heard that will be on their debut album are: “No Way No”, “No Evil”, “Don’t Kill the Magic”, “Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool”, and “Let Your Hair Down”.

Here’s a performance of “No Way No” and it’s AWESOME:


MAGIC! is signed to Sony Music and partnered with Latium Entertainment:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 6.08.27 PM

Latium is the home of the Latin rapper extraordinaire Pitbull by the way! 😀

They just released a music video on April 24th for “Don’t Kill the Magic”:


And…MAGIC! was featured on the 2014 FIFA World Cup album that came out on Monday:

#WhatAnHonor #VIVAFIFA

These reggae-pop guys from Toronto are blowing up pop radio with “Rude” and there’s no word on when their debut album will come out, but I’m loving what I hear so far!!! 😀


To keep track of MAGIC! checkout their social media sites:







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