Ingrid Michaelson’s party at The Ryman


Last night was quite a surprise when an Ingrid Michaelson concert turned into a party!


A photo of Ingrid & her ukelele I took last night 🙂

I’ll get to why it turned into a party in a minute, but before I do, I wanted to mention that this party took place at the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville! I went with a good friend of mine who had never been to the Ryman before so it was a pretty special trip to the Mother church of Country Music! 😀



We sat in the balcony and our tickets were gifted by the wonderful Karoline ( who is a music business student, music freak, and a diehard Music Row Girl fan! HAHA She told me to go to the show since she would be out of town and to write about it on my blog…so here I go 🙂

Karoline also cowrote my review of Lana Del Rey at The Ryman if you can remember and if not…check it out here:

Before incredible singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson took the stage last night, she had two different duos as her opening acts!! The first duo was “Storyman” from Ireland composed of Kevin May and Mick Lynch! They were a wonderful, harmonious duo and did about 6 songs for the crowd!

DSC00181Kevin on the keys + Mick on the guitar = Storyman

Next up was Nashville’s own “Sugar & The Hi Lows” who wowed the audience with versions of that old Johnny Cash & June tune: “Jackson” and “Gone Gone Gone”. They were delightful and had a very interesting, soft sound 🙂

DSC00207Amy Stroup on tambourine and Trent Dabbs on acoustic guitar

Next up was Ingrid and the crowd went wild when she tiptoed through the darkness to the spotlight in center stage! 🙂 She was wearing a sleeveless black dress with a diamond pattern, thigh high black tights, 6 inch clunker heels, and her signature glasses.

This setlist is very close despite one minor change:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.56.51 PM

Instead of earlier on…Ingrid sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as her second to last song and it was definitely a highlight of the night! Check out her version here:


Most people are super familiar with Ingrid for “The Way I Am”:

Everyone loves this song HAHA 😀

Ingrid is well known in the world of singer-songwriters and for good reason! Her songs are so varying in style from fast, slow, dynamic, and unique. She’s got great talent for both melody and lyrics!

Ingrid had a few notable special guests for the show last night since it is Nashville and everyone is moving here! First she randomly welcomed Lennon & Maisy from ABC’s hit show Nashville and princesses of YouTube:



Their last name is “Stella” & since that’s my name they’re officially awesome! 😀

Then she invited Lennon & Maisy’s mom and her backup singer to sing with her:


They sang “Blueberry Boy” which was the 3rd time the song had been performed!

Then the huge surprise of the night came from Ingrid’s announcement of Matt Kearney:


They sang their duet called “One Night Town” for the first time LIVE! 😀

At the very end of the show after many hilarious stories from Ingrid including talking about how she thinks Avril Lavigne has lost her edge since “she shaved down her fangs and married the guy from Nickelback”, Ingrid brought all her guests to the stage for one last jam session with the overjoyed audience before ending the show at 11:15…a quarter after the 11 pm noise curfew! 🙂

😀 #Rebel 😀

The show was one I’ll never forget and certainly was a party with Ingrid & her friends!



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