Axwell & Ingrosso emerge as EDM group


Two former members of the EDM trio Swedish House Mafia are joining forces!!!


From left: Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, & Steve Angello

Swedish House Mafia was officially formed in late 2008 and played their last show together on March 24, 2013 at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

However, their exit was not a surprise to anyone because they announced to fans that they were embarking on a tour called “One Last Tour” which kicked off in November 2012 and concluded in March 2013…with additional shows added due to high demand.


The 3 DJ’s ended their 5 year global electronic dance music (EDM) domination with a bang and I’m sure their diehard fans couldn’t be upset by that! 😀

And you can even view their last moments together as an EDM group in their movie “Leave the World Behind”:

It was just announced Thursday on BBC Radio 1 hosted by Zane Lowe that Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso will release their first-ever album together!



Zane was invited in the studio with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso who will be known by “Axwell /\ Ingrosso” to listen to tracks from their new album and he describes it as “incredible”.


He started off the intro to his BBC radio show by playing the song he was approved to play by Axwell /\ Ingrosso: “We Come We Rave We Love”.

Listen to that song here VIA SoundCloud:

Axwell /\ Ingrosso decided to “clean out the closet” before any new music came out and they gave the track away on their SoundCloud:

>>> <<<

You can download the track for your iPod or whatever you listen to music with 🙂

It seems like the majority of the record is completed and that Axwell /\ Ingrosso might drop their album before 2014 ends!!!

According the the newly formed Axwell /\ Ingrosso Facebook page…this is what the duo’s symbol will look like:

10176157_677620742308783_8667836291293926644_nLooks like a gunmetal capital A without the crossbar 🙂

Axwell and Ingrosso did a merger of their Facebook artist pages to form one page which has never been done before!! This is going to erase each page’s content and begin a new journey of content for the duo!

Check it out here:

Their first appearance together will be next Sunday, June 8th at the Governors Ball in New York and here’s the full festival lineup:

Governors-Ball-2014-Lineup-2-718x400I see Outkast too!!! 😀

The boys will also be playing at the famous V Festival in Staffordshire, England and apparently if you’re going to be in Ibiza…you’ll definitely be able to see them! HAHA

Check out the dates and support Axwell /\ Ingrosso:

6/8: Governors Ball (New York)
6/21: Light (Las Vegas)
6/22: EDC (Las Vegas)
6/25: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
6/28: Bravalla Festival (Norrkoping)
7/2: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
7/9: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
7/16: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
7/23: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
8/6: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
8/16: V Festival (Staffordshire)
8/17: Festival (Chelmsford)
8/20: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
8/24: Creamfields (Daresbury)
8/27: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)
9/3: Departures at Ushuaia (Ibiza)



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