Miranda Lambert’s ‘Platinum’ week!


Miranda Lambert is a force to be reckoned with in country music and this week…


…her fifth album “Platinum” was released!

I have nothing but congratulations in order for Miranda and I wanted to just point out how crazy busy she is promoting this album!

Yet before I do I wanted to mention that not only is Miranda’s hair platinum blonde…her first four albums are the shade of platinum too!


There is a so-called “Diamond” certification for records that is only awarded to albums that sell 10 million copies, yet in these days of digital music it’s nearly impossible to reach! The last album I saw go “Diamond” was Adele’s 21.


Anyways, I want to take you through Miranda Lambert’s Platinum promotion week:


The excitement began when Miranda posted her countdown photo to Instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.01.23 AM


Her hubby Blake Shelton showed support by changing his Twitter profile pic:



Mrs. Shelton posted a link to Twitter where you can preview 8 tracks on CMT:

Pretty cool!! Although I like to wait! Call me traditional! LOL

To close out one amazing Monday, Miranda went on the best show in Late Night:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.06.18 AM


Monday’s city: New York City


Miranda Instagrammed herself holding a copy of Platinum:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.32.57 AM


Ryan Seacrest announces a contest to unlock 2 songs a day from Platinum:

***I’m listening to Platinum now! “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you blonder” 😀 ***

Then Miranda performed on Good Morning America in Times Square!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.17.29 AM


Crazy tweeter and loving husband Blake Shelton tweeted this:

He’s so silly! HAHAHA

The next thing we heard was scary! Miranda was leaving New York City and her plane had to make an emergency landing!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.24.17 AMI love the Platinum joke, but I’m so glad Miranda (center) is okay!

Apparently the plane lost pressure and spent about three hours on the ground before resuming its flight to Nashville!

Tuesday’s cities: New York City and Clarksburg, West Virginia


Miranda is back in Nashville, Tennessee: Music City 😀

She will be performing “Somethin’ Bad” at the CMT Music Awards tonight with her partner in crime: Carrie Underwood.

Bridgestone-ArenaThe awards will be held at Bridgestone Arena

And here’s “Somethin’ Bad” from the Billboard Music Awards:


Wednesday’s city: Nashville

As for the rest of the week, I have no word on what Miranda is up to on Thursday…I imagine a press day in Nashville 😀

Then on Friday, Miranda is teaming up with hubby Blake Shelton at the CMA Music Festival!!!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience#PowerCouple

cma-music-festival-2014-mf14-logo-featured-1110x400^^^ The reason why Nashville is so busy this week ^^^ LOL

Then on Saturday, Miranda will travel to Dallas to help George Strait with his final concert!!!

george-strait-miranda-lambert-2014-acm-awards-duet-1000pxThere will be a huge turnout for that show I bet yah!

Blake was busy this past Sunday when Miranda was gone to New York City working around the house!! He’s already planned a relaxing break for Miranda when she returns to their home in Oklahoma sometime next week.

Blake had this to say about fixing the boat they own on Lake Texoma: “I’m not a mechanic, but I managed to get this thing running because I know when she gets back she’s going to want to do something like that. She’s going to want to just go float around and drink or be pulled on a tube, something like that. So I figured I’d get me some points here and get the boat running. I’m actually proud of myself.”

That sounds like a nice welcome home to the busy singer that is traveling so much this week! Congratulations Miranda and don’t you worry…Blake fixed the boat!



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