Prince is set to release a new album!


Prince. The Purple One. The Man behind “Purple Rain”.


He’s so elusive & brings about wonderment in us all!

This man has just announced that he will be releasing a brand new, full-length album soon that is a separate project from his band “3RDEYEGIRL”.

All the purple flags are up and his fans are freeeeaking out because Prince hasn’t released a full-length album since 2009’s “LotusFlow3r”.



Prince hasn’t been hiding from us since he formed the band “3RDEYEGIRL” and headed off to tour through London earlier this year. The shows began in February and apparently the last record of a show in London was on June 4th. Then a few days later…a show in Vienna…and now…who knows?! 😀

3RDEYEGIRL consists of:

tumblr_mn2kwq3Ny81r4poono1_500Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford, & Ida Nielsen

Fans are making me totally jealous to hear that Prince performed 6-8 encores at several of the London shows and he even played 10 minute versions of “Purple Rain”!

I doubt anyone filmed that because it wasn’t on YouTube…but I don’t even care! I would have just been soaking all the rain in! HAHA 😀



Prince played past curfew in London many a time, but he’s Prince! Enough said.

Prince hasn’t said a name for the album or a release date, but just to hear that it will be happening is good enough for me right now! 🙂

He has a song with Rita Ora called “This Could Be Us” which is hilariously inspired by a meme of him riding a motorcycle with his Purple Rain co-star: Apollonia Kotero.


Rita Ora is a dark horse in the music world for me and I’ll tell you why…



All we heard from her was “How We Do” from the start and I thought that song was kinda weak, and I still think that to this day. :/

But let me tell you that she has redeemed herself SO MUCH! She’s an important part of my new favorite song: “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea:


In a state of utter disdain for the music industry’s speed, Prince said: “Every No. 1 song, every Top 10 song, every song in the Top 40 is at least six months old. We should be able to make music and put it out now.”

Prince wants to put out his song with Rita as soon as possible since “time is money” and no one can blame him! 🙂

We cannot wait for Prince’s new album…and when I say “we”, I mean the universe!!!

Take a listen to 3RDEYEGIRL & Prince jamming on your way out…


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