Garth Brooks cancels Dublin shows!


In the saddest news to happen on a Tuesday…Garth Brooks is canceling shows!


Why did the most masculine, blue-eyed cowboy disappoint his fans?! 😦

Well it turns out that these are Garth’s comeback shows in Dublin, Ireland that were ultimately cancelled this afternoon!

I don’t live in Ireland, but it doesn’t matter. I’m still about to cry for the 400,000 tickets that have to be refunded!


No it’s not fair, Anne Hathaway. It’s definitely not.

It turns out that Garth is not the one to blame for this horrendous incident and I couldn’t even blame him if I tried. You see I grew up with Mr. Brooks. He was always in my house. It kinda seemed like he was the coolest uncle I ever had! 😀


Okay so I’ve never met him in person, but I watched the VHS tapes of his concerts as a young girl and broke strings on all my plastic guitars. I was in Garth’s band when I was younger. I’ll have to turn those home videos into YouTube videos someday!!

So since Garth wasn’t the one to blame, all fingers point to the Dublin City Council who brought forth many a complaint from the stadium’s neighbors complaining about all the traffic & noise that the shows would cause!

Croke Park Medium cropped#CrokePark

These shows were planned to be five incredible nights to remember from July 25th-29th and now all five shows have been cancelled! 😦

The Dublin City Council requested to cancel 2 out of the 5 shows, but Mr. Brooks refused to cancel any of the shows because he’s awesome and we all love him!

garth_brooks_ty_england_guitar_smash_by_supersweetness918-d5b3ggvI was mesmerized watching that as a kid!

In a statement to the City Council, Garth Brooks’ team said: “For us, it is five shows or none at all. To choose which shows to do and which shows not to do would be like asking to choose one child over another.”

So the Council voted in favor of allowing ALL FIVE SHOWS, but the city manager refused to grant a license for all five shows. That was the end of that and consequentially all five shows were officially canceled!


The concert promoter for the Dublin shows, Aiken Promotions, said the following in a press statement: “It is with great regret that Aiken Promotions today announce that the 5 concert Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event at Croke Park has been cancelled. No concerts will take place. The ticket return process will be outlined tomorrow. Aiken Promotions have exhausted all avenues regarding the staging of this event. We are very disappointed for the 400,000 fans who purchased tickets for The Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event.”

The canceled shows will cost Dublin about 15 million euros or 20.4 million US dollars! So now I’m really shaking my head and wondering why the city was so easy going with the cancellation :/


Garth is going to hold a press conference on Thursday at 12:00 pm ET in order to address this Dublin chaos and finally make that world tour announcement that we’ve all been waiting for!

I’m so sorry the Dublin shows got canceled & for Garth who wanted to play all five of them!

Garth Brooks


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