What is Auto-Tune?


I’m so glad that you asked 😀 I’m here to tell you the detailed answer!


I’m laughing so hard after reading that!!!

Basically, Auto-Tune is an audio processor that is used to measure and alter the pitches of vocal/instrumental notes. We are most familiar with the alteration of the voices of our favorite Pop stars in order to correct every little inaccuracy that they make while singing the songs in the studio.

Once the inaccuracies are out, the song is mixed & mastered, and sent to the digital shelves of iTunes…and also to the physical shelves of your local Wal-Mart or Target.

Apparently Auto-Tune was originally created to make songs “in tune” but now it seems like Auto-Tune is synonymous with Pop music!

Why am I writing an article about software that turns Pop music into music that is impossible for artists/bands to duplicate in live performances??

Because this just leaked:



Tyra Banks looks like she saw an alien!

So as I am imagining it right now, Britney Spears flew on her private jet to her private island and is having some much needed private time.

I cannot believe that the unedited AKA Pre-Auto-Tune version of a pop song was released! Honestly, that’s something that I’ve never heard before!

I’m not saying that I could be a pop singer, but after hearing the way that Britney sang in the studio and the way the finished product of “Alien” (one of my favorite songs on her album Britney Jean) sounded…I feel like I need to be in search of a record deal!

Just take a listen to the masterpiece that was released on her album:

That’s muuuuuch different!

Auto-Tune can also be used as an art form though, I must say! The two artists that are synonymous with the mastery of automating tunes are T-Pain and Kesha! It feels weird to not type a dollar sign, but she’s trying something new 🙂

Take a listen to T-Pain’s best Auto-Tuned song according to me:

I love to workout to this song! HAHA

Now take a listen to the Queen of Auto-Tune’s best work:


Auto-Tune is the crutch that Pop stars use in the studio…So what do I think of it? I feel like unless you’re a master of it like Kesha and T-Pain and you’re using it as your art…you shouldn’t use it.

I’m traditional and old fashioned when it comes to my music. If you cannot duplicate the sound in concert then you should hire a vocal coach and do it the old fashioned way like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and The Beatles did.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.02.44 PM


Auto-Tune is Kesha and T-Pain’s world and no one else’s to me 😀



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