New Kids On The Block Southwest party plane!


The coolest thing I’ve heard today is that New Kids On The Block did this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.59.36 PM

They flew Southwest!

Okay so this wasn’t just a random celebrity sighting on a Southwest plane…this was a party hosted by the guys of NKOTB!

The New Kids traveled yesterday on a Southwest Airlines party-plane (I didn’t know they had those) from Chicago to Las Vegas along with some of their super fangirls in tow!

Now I will go ahead and say that I call a little bit of amnesia on the guys’ part considering they are from Boston. Why they chose to fly out of Chicago is a mystery to me, but anyways! I digress.

The Kids weren’t just going for a joyride though, because they had a particular reason for why this flight was headed to Vegas! You see, NKOTB will be performing their only US tour dates of 2014 at the Planet Hollywood on the same stage as Miss Britney Spears! 😀


And it appears that their first show is tonight!!!

Thanks to Chris Spargo from, we have an insider’s account of what exactly went down on that party plane!

Johnathan Knight was given a Boston Red Sox speedo to wear in Vegas:


Jordan Knight & Donnie Wahlberg (yes, Mark’s brother) provided the safety:

I would have loved to see that! 😀

Then in the coolest turn of events, guests were told that they could sit…


…with the members of NKOTB!!! I’ll sit next to Jordan please!

Then after the fans were boarded onto the plane, they did safety steps in song:


Next up, Joey McIntyre got on the loudspeaker to tell everyone that they were getting a ticket to see NKOTB in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I was there to experience the best! HAHA

Then Joey broke the news that he wasn’t down with the “Your first drink is free rule”:


Joey went on to play a rowdy game of Cards of Humanity with passengers:


And the award for best outfit from a NKOTB fan established in 1991 goes to:


I’m in awe of this right down to the leggings!

I really wish I could be in Vegas, but I’m so excited for everyone who gets to see New Kids on the Block this weekend!!! I’ll be tweeting you to stay in the loop! HAHA

They’re amazing performers. A true class act… and not to mention: Party People!



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