Discover: Green Mountain Road Band


There’s this southern rock band that I have my eyes on and they’re known as…


Green Mountain Road Band

The band was formed in the summer of 2012 by David Castelli and Joseph Spinelli who had played together since the late 90’s!

Green Mountain Road Band was born from two good friends and they describe their music as: “Heavy to light, meaningful lyrics weaving on catchy melodies. Songs of hope, of yearning for a yesteryear, and an awakening to todays reality.”

So what exactly do they mean by “heavy to light”??

“To be heavy is not to use distortion or some electrical gadget, it is to be heavy from the depth of the movement of the song, the placement of a melody and the energy of a chorus. The lighter side is a control of dynamics, and the magic that can be created when music becomes a whisper.”


David explained to me that in finding band members “the right attitude” shared by the band “allows musical freedom and expression.” Then hard work, persistence, and discipline keeps them strong as a band today 😀

So what exactly do they sound like?! Take a listen to “Tallahassee Bridge”…


The bright tonal colors of the vocals of Joseph Spinelli really are impressive along with vocals from bassist Barry Smith. And I can’t deny that the other musicians are equally as talented!

The band consists of five members: David Castelli on drums, Joseph Spinelli on lead vocals, Julian Castelli on piano/organ, Barry Smith on bass/vocals, and Angelo Russo on guitar.

They grew up in Hamilton, Ontario which of course is in Canada and as David told me…their city has a history of rock n’ roll 🙂

Green Mountain Road Band released a 6 song EP in 2013 called “LEND A HAND”:



You can listen to it here:

Now allow me to give you a mini review of half of LEND A HAND:

Tallahassee Bridge: From the opening jam session, this song had me hooked. This song epitomized the classic sound of Southern Rock and the notes that Joseph hit were ones that I couldn’t even hit! HAHA

Down the Road: This is the kind of song I can see myself driving my car to and not just for the sense that it’s about someone driving. This song has a steady pulse to it and incredible vocals from Joseph again.

Hills of Carolina: There’s something about this song that makes it one I will enjoy revisiting again and that says a lot from all the music out there in the world. The song is pure rock n’ roll and “Hills of Carolina” is a strong hook that is hard to forget.

The guys just played in Buffalo, New York as well as a festival in Cayuga, Ontario and they enjoy playing their music for crowds.

As for what’s in store for Green Mountain Road Band in the near future, they are planning on finishing their full length album in the studio after their big show in Hamilton, Ontario on August 15th and will release their album in the Fall!

For any more information, see their website:

If you’re wondering how I discovered this band, I’ll tell you that they emailed me! And yes you can do that! HAHA Check out my contact page and email me because I’m always hunting for new artists/bands to discover and write about! 🙂

I wish the very best to Green Mountain Road Band & can’t wait to hear the full album!


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