NSYNC secret album released today!


I have to tell you that the most interesting music news story of today is about NSYNC…


…and their new album!

I’m a huge NSYNC fan so I won’t tease you about a reunion or a new album without explaining that this is a 2 disc compilation album that got released by their record label TODAY without telling them! HAHA Personally, I think that’s hilarious!!! 😀

Lance Bass posted this screenshot on his Instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.14.49 PM

“Guess the label didn’t expect all our amazing fans to still be there for us! I hate my favorite When You Wish upon A Star got left off. This cd set really showcases the vocals which I really like.”

It’s those vocals that had all the girls swooning, Lance! 😉

And Chris Kirkpatrick tweeted:

How sweet of him to notice that we love special songs!

No word from Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, or that elusive, non-famous guy Justin Timberlake.


It’s too bad Justin’s career never took off!

There is no new music on this 2 disc collection of NSYNC songs however there are some songs that totally flew under the radar such as “On The Line”, “Somewhere, Someday”, and “Believe In Yourself”.

I’ve never heard any of those songs before…so does that make them new?

Here’s the album artwork for their newest release:



And “The Essential” track list is as follows…

Disc 1:
1. Here We Go (Radio Cut)
2. I Want You Back (Radio Edit)
3. Tearin’ Up My Heart (Original Radio Edit)
4. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (Remix)
5. Thinking Of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)
6. For The Girl Who Has Everything (Radio Mix)
7. Are You Gonna Be There
8. Music Of My Heart – Featuring Gloria Estefan
9. Bye Bye Bye
10. It’s Gonna Be Me
11. This I Promise You (Radio Edit)
12. I Thought She Knew
13. I Believe In You – Featuring Joe
14. If I’m Not The One
15. Pop (Radio Version)
16. Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix) – Featuring Nelly
17. Gone

Disc 2:
1. More Than A Feeling
2. Best Of My Life
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
4. Sailing
5. Everything I Own
6. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You – Featuring Alabama
7. Somewhere Someday
8. Trashin’ The Camp – Featuring Phil Collins
9. If Only In Heaven’s Eyes
10. You Don’t Have To Be Alone
11. On The Line – Featuring The On The Line All-Stars / Lance Bass / Joey Fatone / Mandy Moore / Christian Burns & True Vibe
12. That Girl (Will Never Be Mine)
13. Falling
14. Feel The Love
15. Selfish
16. See Right Through You
17. Believe In Yourself (TV Version – Sesame Street)

I love NSYNC’s version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”!!! Take a listen here (it’s a loud video):

Chris sure knows how to hit those high notes!! 😀

And I’m so amazed at this throwback video of “Here We Go”:

That takes me back to the days that wearing Tommy Hilfiger was actually cool!

NSYNC’s new album is available on iTunes too! You can get all 34 songs if you like…

>>> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-essential-*nsync/id899265616 <<<

I’m still ready for an NSYNC reunion, but until then we can listen to our old favorites!



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