Krewella is working on sophomore album!


Krewella is officially working on album #2 which is…


…like music to my ears! 😀

I’m so freaking excited to hear that Krewella still has love for their fans (“The Krew”) and they’re on their way to making some more incredible EDM music!

Krewella is formed of sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf and their friend, the man behind the beats, Kristopher “Rain Man” Trindl.


Left to Right: Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf, & Kristopher “Rain Man” Trindl

I first heard about them back when their song “Alive” hit the Top 40:


I was so impressed by them from each new song that I listened to and I bought my very own copy of their debut solo album that came out on September 20th, 2013!


They just headlined the second day of the music festival “Lollapalooza” (Saturday, August 2nd) in Chicago’s Grant Park. Since they were playing in the city where they formed their EDM trio…it was special to say the least!



Yasmine said: “This is probably one of those full-circle nights for us, because I remember coming to this festival as a kid. Coming to our hometown and playing a legendary festival like Lolla couldn’t be any better.”

I so wish I could have been there!!!

Krewella teased some new music at the Electric Daisy Carnival back in late June and they are reportedly 50% done with their sophomore album!

Sophomore = Second … just like your second year of high school/college 😉

When asked about the progress on album #2, Yasmine said: “We keep writing songs, and songs we loved two months ago now will never make the album. We’re taking maybe 50 percent of the next four months off to really crank the second album out and focus on it, and try to finish birthing it.”

I’m feeling like a December 2014 or January 2015 Krewella album is upon us!!!



I saw Krewella perform a live full-set at Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium back on November 12th, 2013 and they were so incredible! I was blown away by their passion and the energy that filled the room. They were putting “electricity” back into EDM! 😀

And a few months ago I discovered Krewella did a gorgeous acoustic version of “Alive”:


I’m counting on Krewella’s second album to be as rad or even rad-er than the first one!


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