Shakira’s hit song ‘Loca’ is a copy?!


Shakira is in trouble these days and it’s not because her hips lied. Instead…


…she is in trouble for copyright infringement!

Apparently her song “Loca” is an illegal copy of a song written by a musician in 1998! I’m a big Shak fan so this is some unsettling news to me!

Take a listen to Shakira’s version of “Loca” here:


There is a 40 page ruling in which Judge Alvin Hellerstein said the song was: “a replication of one written by singer and composer Ramon Arias Vasquez, known as Arias.”

There is no picture of him that I can find and I can’t find his version of Loca! 😦

And there was an 11 day trial back in June of this year in which “Arias” testified that he wrote the song between 1996 and 1998. In addition to his testimony, he sang the song in the courtroom!

I didn’t even know you could do that!!!

His version of “Loca” was recorded on cassette and was presented as evidence in the trial!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.31.27 PM

Ah, the good ol’ days!

The song was a hit in Arias’ homeland of the Dominican Republic and it was performed by Eduard Edwin Bellou Pou (“El Cata”) in 2007!


El Cata works for Sony and said in 2007 that HE had composed the song!!! Well right there, we know that’s a lie! :/

Shakira released the album “Sale el Sol” in 2010 and she has both a Spanish and an English version of “Loca”. The song is based on the song that “El Cata” claimed to have written himself and he is featured in the song and in more songs on the album as well!


“Loca” became another hit song for Shakira and went on to sell millions of copies! So as you can imagine…there’s a significant lawsuit at stake because the song was widely successful!

The judge has stated: “The next stage in this case is determining Mayimba’s entitlement to damages and an injunction.” Mayimba Music owns the rights to Arias’ song “Loca”.

I really hope that justice will be served for Arias, yet my only question is why he did not notice that El Cata infringed upon his song 7 years ago when he came out with his replicated version of “Loca” in 2007!

At least I see that Shakira is perhaps unaware of El Cata’s wrongdoing and she’s still the awesome Latin Pop diva that we all know and love! 😀

This case goes to show that when a song becomes successful, you better hope that you have created it to be an original, creative work!

Copyright infringement happens a lot & I’m sure Shakira will be more careful in the future!



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