The Chainsmokers wanna be like Kanye!


Nothing delights me more than writing about electronic dance music (EDM)…


…and today I need to revisit some friends to my blog: The Chainsmokers

Many people lovingly refer to them as “the #SELFIE guys”, but in actuality, Drew Taggart & Alex Pall are so much more!


They’ve only been joined at the hip as a DJ duo since 2012, but don’t underestimate them for that! They’ve broken so much ground in popular music and in EDM that it never ceases to amaze me!

Ever since the song “#SELFIE” surfaced in December 2013/January 2014, Drew and Alex have been in such high demand that they were invited to play shows all over the world including famous EDM festivals such as Miami, Florida’s Ultra Music Festival and Boom, Belgium’s Tomorrowland!

Now that’s what I call a 2-year dream come true!



Now the guys are looking to become victors of the loudness wars yet again with their latest single, “Kanye”. The song was released not too long ago (on August 5th) and as the official followup to “#SELFIE”, it has very big shoes to fill!


“Kanye” features the singing duo “SIREN” and The Chainsmokers decided to use their platform as DJs to debut them as a duo to the world! “SIREN” is formed of longtime friends Skyler & Kat and are based out of Los Angeles!

Check out their official Facebook page here:

10565240_327087760785231_7045136547737086469_n 2


“Kanye”, as you probably have guessed by now, is an ode to the crazy rapper Kanye West and exclaims that it would be great to be like him…be the king of you all day, do whatever you want, and let your ego fill the space of any room you enter. It’s an interesting thought and perhaps just a silly EDM interpretation of wanting to live while you’re young and enjoy every moment before it passes you by! 😀

Alex and Drew told me that Kanye has heard the song and he loved it!!!

kanye west smile

I’m glad he loved it!

Take a listen to “Kanye” right here, right now:



Before I tell you to go buy it on iTunes (, allow me to share with you my favorite Kanye quote of all-time:


You sure got me there Kanye! What ever did you do?!

I really like the song & I hope that my buddies The Chainsmokers will make history again!



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