Brandon Flowers recording new solo album!


Brandon Flowers is not only the lead singer of The Killers…


…he’s also a force of freaking nature!

Okay, maybe a force of music is more like it! 😀 Brandon is constantly working on new music and he seems to be inspired a lot which is wonderful!

He’s busy working on his second solo album now of which has no title…yet! Although I am very pleased to say that he’s working with…

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.47.31 PM

Vampire Weekend, Haim, Ariel Rechtshaid, AND Justin Bieber on his newest project!

I know you may have a hunch that I’m going to mention the amount of elation I felt when I saw the name “Justin Bieber” being mentioned here…and you’re right! How cool is it that Bieber has enough “street cred” in the music industry to work in the studio with Brandon Flowers?!

But seriously…all “stred cred” aside, perhaps I can go ahead and infer that Brandon likes Justin and respects his musical talent! Yeah! That must be it!! And I’ll have you know that Ed Sheeran, the king of the singer/songwriter genre, told everyone to take a listen to Justin’s album “Journals” and he mentioned being impressed by it!

justinbieber-edsheeran-wedding-070714*Stepping down off my soapbox now*

So besides JBiebs, I am so excited for anything that the indie girl group “Haim” does because they are crazy talented too! 🙂

The Karl Lagerfeld London Store OpeningAnd they’re all sisters which is so neat!

Ariel Rechtshaid is a new name for me but that’s only because he’s a famous producer who works behind the scenes. He’s the same producer that produced No Doubt’s comeback album “Push And Shove”!

Ariel Rechtshaid: 'Hip-hop has never had boundaries.'Thanks for that, Ariel! 😀

Brandon spoke about Ariel in an interview with NME recently and said: “He’s taking me out of my comfort zone. Normally I make demos and they’re pretty similar to how the song ends up, but he’ll take a song and be like, ‘I hear this’. It’s incredible… his palette and his range, what he’s able to say. At first we were butting our heads together, but now we’re hitting it off.”

His last solo album was released on September 14th, 2010 and made quite a stir!



Flamingo was a great album and I really enjoyed his single “Crossfire”:


Brandon’s last album with The Killers was a compilation album released at the end of 2013 called “Direct Hits”! They’re one of the most experimental rock bands I’ve ever known and have been around since 2004 in mainstream music! So this year marks the 10 year anniversary of The Killers!


At 33 years old, Brandon has accomplished so much in modern music and I respect the time he takes to do a solo project every now and then! 🙂

Congratulations to Brandon for creating music with your band and on your own!



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