One Direction breaks 2014 ticket sales record!


One day, Simon Cowell had an epiphany and put five young men together as a group…


…and today they are rolling in the dough!

Yeah, you guessed it! I’m talking about the british boy band One Direction! And I’m really quite amazed at the amount of money their tour has made, but not only that…

They are playing in sold-out football stadiums!


Can we just pause for a minute and say whaaaat?!

So it’s safe to say that Simon Cowell has never regretted his psychic abilities since the day before he formed this boy band! I know I wouldn’t!


Simon was responsible for forming the group and I do want that to be known because never once have I seen five guys (who auditioned on their own) become formed into a group right then and there on TV! So thanks to Sir Cowell and the X Factor…the world was introduced to the boy band that would break records for sales and the amount of screaming fans!

You can watch SNL’s skit here with Paul Rudd:

I died laughing when my friends showed that to me! 😀

So today I’m learning that One Direction has broken the record for 2014 when it comes to tickets sold and subsequently…gross profit!

They shattered the $200 MILLION ticket sales glass ceiling with a whopping $230! I don’t even know what to say but WOW!

Right now, One Direction is on their 2014 Where We Are Tour and they have sold 2.7 million tickets for a total of 53 sold out stadium concerts! I’m sorry, but all I can picture is Simon Cowell throwing money into the air and “making it rain” HAHA It’s so hard not to imagine what SiCow is doing right about now!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.56.52 PM#SiCow

I know a lot of people are freaking out over One Direction and how they need to go back to London and blah blah blah. However…I didn’t like them in the beginning, but I do think that their music is charming and I would never throw shade at anyone that’s successful!

Bravo to 1D for making it this far and for their major success in the US & the world!

one-direction-where-we-are-tour (1)


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