Calvin Harris reached 1 Billion plays on Spotify!


I’m sorry it’s “stupid o’clock”, but I just took an unintentionally long nap…


…and while I was hibernating I should have been writing about Calvin Harris!

Calvin Harris is the stage name of 30 year old Adam Wiles and he’s been in music for a very long time! He’s been at it since he was 18, but it wasn’t until Rihanna’s song “We Found Love” premiered on September 22, 2011 that he broke through the airwaves! He was the creator of track (all except for Rihanna’s vocals) and I can remember thinking that the beat was one of the best I had ever heard!


Calvin shocked me when I heard him sing on “Feels So Close”! I was really amazed by what a unique voice he had and he sure had a lot of guts to record his own vocals over his sweet beats!! As for now we’ve all heard his new hit “Summer” and I’m pleased to say that he’s singing for us again!

Listen to his hit song “Summer” here:


So in today’s news, Calvin has just become the first British solo artist to achieve 1 billion plays on the music streaming service Spotify! I didn’t even know 1 billion plays by a solo artist were possible, but now that I think about it…”Gangnam Style” has been seen/heard 1 billion times on YouTube! HAHA


So it is possible for a billion plays, but realizing that now has made me pretty impressed by 1 billion plays on Spotify! It’s a great streaming app and one of the most well-known, but I won’t dilute that fact that Calvin is racking up records!!

Apparently that isn’t the only record that Cal is breaking! Forbes has reported that he is the richest DJ in the world with a staggering $66 million in his last year of earnings! WOW! I have to say that I’m quite impressed! I would say that Calvin is underrated in the entire genre of EDM, but now seeing his earnings…I’m not quite convincing myself of that! HAHA I just mean from a marketing standpoint because he’s not very keen on it and maybe that’s because his music speaks for itself.

I think I need to add to the billion and listen to some more Calvin Harris! There are so many artists and bands in the world and that’s what I’ve really learned since I’ve been in Nashville! haha It’s like a rolodex in my head from A-Z and now I’m flipping to C for Calvin!

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 2.55.55 AMI wonder if you can still buy one! 😀

It’s time to get back to hibernating for now, but tomorrow I’ll be listening to Calvin Harris!



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