Discover: Steven James


I received a music submission from a new artist on the rise recently…

Steven James Red Wall

…and his name is Steven James

Steven is not your typical artist from the great state of Texas and that’s because he’s not a little bit of country…he’s ALL Rock n Roll! 😀

I love all genres of music (if you couldn’t tell by now) and Steven really struck me as someone with great talent and a lot of heart!

Take a listen to his debut single “Best Of Your Love” here:


I have to say that he’s really impressed me and you’ve got to love southern rock! It never gets old and his music is “feel good” and who doesn’t want to feel good?! HAHA 🙂

Steven has been really busy touring and filming music videos this summer and now into the fall, but he wasn’t too busy to answer some interview questions for us! So here we go:

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 2.48.29 PM#StevenJames

1) When did you first find yourself interested in music?

“I come from a family full of musicians, so being around music was something that always seemed normal to me. Anytime there was a holiday, or a family gathering, my Dad, Mom, Uncles and Aunts would pick up a guitar or bass and start playing classic tunes like Beatles, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. So I was always around it, and I would pick up my Dad’s Fender Telecaster and try to mess around with it. Eventually they showed me a few basic chords, and got me my first guitar at age 12 and I didn’t leave my bedroom after that for a few years.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 2.58.08 PMEven Bruce Springsteen plays a Telecaster!

2) How long have you been pursuing a career in music?

“My very first band was with a group of neighborhood kids in 8th grade growing up in Houston. Freshmen year of high school we booked a local studio and made an album and started selling cassette tapes at school. I remember everybody was blown away that we had an “actual album.” I started booking us to play at birthday parties, talent shows and eventually night clubs around town. I remember we used to play an old punk rock club called “The Abyss” when we were about 15 and all our parents had to drive us and chaperone us all night!”

TalentShowsFeatureI admire his work ethic at such a young age! #TalentShowsAndChaperones

3) What is your hometown?

“I grew up in Houston, which I still love, but from an early age I became aware that the real scene was a few hours north in Austin. So my family started making weekend trips out there and seeing “real” bands perform and as soon as I graduated high school I applied to every college in Austin and about a 30 mile radius and I ended up living there for about 8 years and playing in several bands that played in clubs and on the radio there.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 3.02.12 PMI’ve never been to Texas before, but it sounds like Austin is the place to go!

4) What do you wish to accomplish with your music?

“For me now as a solo artist, being able to record the songs I want, exactly how I want them and make the music videos I want to promote those songs is a real blessing. I’ve been playing in bands for 20 years and always had about five other opinions weighing in on songs I typically wrote myself. In that time, I learned that my gut instincts usually turned out right whether we followed them or not. So it’s been awesome this year being able to do exactly what I want to do. And the reception has been awesome in just these few months that the single has been out! So there’s that, and of course it would be awesome to make a REAL living off music and not just a few hundred dollars every weekend.”


To support your lifestyle by doing what you love is the dream of so many! 🙂

5) On your Facebook page, it mentions that you were in 2 successful rock bands in the past…would you mind naming those bands for me so that I can mention it in the post?

“Of course! I played in a great pop-rock band in Austin called ‘Two Guy Trio’ from 1995-2005. It was kind of a Blink 182-Weezer sort of band back when that style was still popular. We actually did really well in Austin. We were all over the radio and played a lot of big shows, but we were young and partied too hard. Typical rock story.”

1000x1000Rock bands party hard. It’s like a lifestyle brand!

“About five years ago, I moved down to South Texas to be near the beach and follow my (now) wife. There’s actually a really incredible music scene happening down here right now for both rock and country! So I started a band called ‘The Shake Down’ with a few local guys and it seems like the whole town got behind us. We made a record with Dylan Ely (Linkin Park, All-American Rejects, Against Me!) and things were rolling, but again, everybody went their separate ways because two members had babies this year and didn’t want to be on the road all over Texas anymore. That’s kind of brings me to this Spring when I found myself on my own and finally ready to go solo and do things how I wanted to do them. I feel like I’ve learned so much the past few years and made a lot of really good contacts, so the time is now!”


6) How would you describe your sound?

“I’ve always been the most ‘soulful’ or ‘southern’ sounding guy in my bands, but we always played rock or hard rock. So, with my solo tunes I wanted to explore that further, and the reception has been better that anything I’ve ever done. I think this sound really suits me. It’s the most organic tunes I’ve ever put together. If I had to put it in a nutshell, I’d say it’s a little Kings of Leon, a little Bob Seger, a little Ryan Adams. My wife says the new song sounds like Third Eye Blind, and I’ll take it!”

kingsofleonEveryone loves a little KOL!

Currently, Steven is hard at work and will be releasing an EP very shortly for us all to enjoy!

For more information about Steven James check out his social media sites:

I wish Steven the best of luck with his music career and I can’t wait to hear the full EP!



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