What’s the deal with FLO{thinkery}?


I’ve been hearing rumbles in the music industry about a new company taking charge…


…and it’s called “FLO{thinkery}”

Startups are popping up all over Nashville and business is booming in Music City! Back in July 2011, entrepreneur Mark Montgomery founded a new company called “FLO{thinkery}” in downtown Nashville with the plan to create a “think-tank” and investment firm to develop strategies for companies to sponsor artists & bands with big audiences!


They’re a business in the business of building businesses. FLO seeks to not only create sponsorships, but to help artists/bands create their own businesses in which they have total creative control. The artist/band adds to their brand and their audience buys their brand. It’s a cyclical process and one that certainly makes sense. Sponsorships are valuable, but a brand created and promoted by an artist/band is entirely reputable and something every fan would love to take part in!

Their most exciting venture to date has been helping out country superstar Kenny Chesney. They were able to help Kenny create “Fishbowl Spirits, LLC” and in 2013 the company launched their first premium spirits line called “Blue Chair Bay Rum”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 5.10.14 PM


Last year was a busy one for FLO{thinkery} because they also launched a YouTube network composed of many channels that they call “Made In Network”. The network is focused around original music content based upon the ever-creative musical community in Nashville!

Check out Made In Network here: youtube.com/made-in-network

In November 2013, the company was recognized by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce with The Next Award for “Best Startup, Digital Media and Entertainment”. So congratulations to the FLO team!

I’ll admit that when I think of “FLO”, my mind goes to Florence + The Machine! HAHA They’re one of my favorite bands and lead singer Florence Welch is nicknamed “FLO”.


FLO{thinkery} is planning to move their headquarters to the “SoBro” area of downtown (AKA South of Broadway) and have purchased a building on Ewing Avenue!

What impresses me the most about this company is that they are planning strategic partnerships with musicians in Nashville to expand their brands while maintaining complete artistic control. It’s a brilliant idea and certainly one that seems to be working.

The workers at FLO pride themselves in a casual working environment with a giant floor-to-ceiling American flag on the wall. They post hilarious photos to their Facebook page so I highly recommend that you click “Like”! (facebook.com/findyourflo) 😀


At the end of 2013, a special guest joined the team. I’m talking about the President of Warner Nashville, one of “The Big 3” record labels, John Esposito. Everyone calls him “Espo”.

Mark Montgomery said: “John Esposito joining FLO adds considerable strategic firepower to our collective of incredibly smart folks to help artists with big audiences build new brands, companies and entrepreneurial ventures. Along with his extensive knowledge of the music industry, he brings a real passion for music that is inspiring and infectious.”


And things are heating up in 2014 at FLO since they acquired a Nashville-based digital development firm called “Keen Technology” for an undisclosed amount. Keen specializes in world-class software and development for tech-based startups.


FLO’s founder Mark Montgomery said: “The acquisition of Keen is a key part of FLO’s overall vision and growth plan. Chris (Keen’s co-founder) has built a world-class team of developers already hard at work on FLO’s tech-enabled investments, including our skunkworks project, Mothership…As we look at the next phase of FLO’s future, the timing for both companies is perfect.”

Just this week, the team has brought on “Record Store Day” founder Don VanCleave whom Mark Montgomery refers to as “a crazy badass”. He will be working with senior executives at FLO to create and develop new ideas! 🙂


“I am excited to join a group of like-minded innovators who are doing great new things in technology and music,” VanCleave said in a statement. “FLO is one of the most exciting companies in the US. I’m looking forward to joining their merry band of Independent, successful thinkers and doers. We’re already cooking up some big ideas for Nashville. The opportunities for the modern music business are endless, and I’m glad to be a part of a group who shares that view.”

Looks like FLO{thinkery} is on the path to become a huge company in the music industry that aids in the endeavor of making musicians entrepreneurs!

People on the FLO team have experience working for a plethora of incredible companies such as: Apple, Nike, and Cover Girl. Their client list is quite impressive and includes: Google, Under Armour, Nissan, and Griffin Technology.

For more information about what FLO does, visit: findyourflo.com

I wish the very best to the team at FLO{thinkery}, and I’m impressed by what you do!



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