Justin Bieber busted his eardrum!


I’ve been really concerned about my buddy Justin Bieber recently ever since…


…he busted his eardrum while cliff diving

On Wednesday, Bieber made a status update on his Facebook page and he said:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.54.20 PM

I’ve honestly been worried about Justin, so much so that I listened to his latest collection of songs (“Journals”) in its entirety yesterday to celebrate his beautiful falsetto! That album is his best attempt to be a crooner and I loved it! 😀


I’m worried that Justin won’t be able to hear in one ear or that he will be able to hear significantly less than he used to before he went cliff diving! 😦

Doctors have been weighing in on this story considering that all Justin’s “Beliebers” are in a tizzy over it! They’re saying that he most likely ruptured his tympanic membrane (AKA his eardrum) upon impact with the water or while he was falling. The surgery for what Justin has is called a “tympanoplasty” and it would involve using a piece of tissue to seal the hole in his ear drum.

The procedure may be simple but any surgery is no laughing matter! Most of the time this kind of surgery goes smoothly and without a hitch, but I’m still concerned that permanent damage is a possibility. Great hearing is essential to being a singer and to having a long career in the music industry no matter what aspect of it that you work in.

Check out one of my favorite songs from Journals:


I really hope that Justin can make a full recovery because he’s so young (20) and he has a lot a great music left to make for us to enjoy! 😀

Best of luck JB! I’m always in your corner!


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