Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga sold 131,000 albums!


Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga have made a killing in sales with their new album…

tony bennett lady gaga cheek

…to the tune of over 100,000 copies in the first week of its release!

Album sales have been dwindling like crazy because of all the streaming services entering the music market, but no such things have hurt the newest jazz duo!

Tony Bennett is one of the most classic voices in music and certainly in the genre of jazz. His career has spanned an incredible 63 years and shows no signs of letting up just two months after he turned 88!

Mr. Bennett has had his eye on Lady Gaga for a while now ever since he knew she could sings ballads and sing the heck out of them! He invited her to sing on his album “Duets II” in 2012 for the classic hit: “The Lady is a Tramp”.

tony-bennett-lady-gaga-jazz-albumTheir chemistry in that song is priceless!

Tony Bennett wouldn’t let one single song with Gaga be all that he would ever record with her! Oh no! He went for it and asked the lady to make an entire album with him…you know…in her spare time. And as you might have guessed it: SHE SAID YES!


Gaga told the Wall Street Journal that she said she had “fallen under the spell of Charlie Parker and John Coltrane” and she told them in a statement: “I’m planning to release one jazz album a year. I think I will continue to do that forever. I enjoy it so much. I want to spread it to all my fans forever.”

I’m so excited for more jazz music from Lady Gaga! She’s so wonderful at it!!! 😀

The new album is called “Cheek To Cheek” and I can’t wait to hear it!



There are duets on the album of course as well as solo songs by Tony and by Gaga! The results are in and in the first week of sales since the album’s release on September 28th: Cheek To Cheek has sold 131,000 copies!!! It made it’s debut at #1 and I could not be any prouder of them and of jazz music!

If you don’t believe Lady Gaga should be doing jazz, watch this:


She’s theatrical, she’s channeling Cher with her black curly wig, and she’s belting notes like no tomorrow! I feel like jazz is the perfect place for her and I’m glad she’s dedicating her time to that genre from here on out! Of course crazy dance hits and pop music aren’t out of the question, but her voice is brilliant and needs a classical music repertoire to tackle too!

Can I just pause and marvel at Tony Bennett for selling over 100,000 albums & getting a #1 debut album on the Billboard charts at 88 years old!!!!!! He’s absolutely incredible and I’m so in awe of his dedication to make music for his whole life long! That voice hasn’t lost any brilliance and he seems like such a sweet-spirited man! I send you all my congratulations, Tony! You’re a living legend!

I’m so excited to listen to Cheek To Cheek this weekend! Long live jazz music!



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