will.i.am. introduces ‘PULS’ smartphone to the world!


will.i.am. is famous for being the frontman of the Black Eyed Peas…


…but this week he’s known as a tech guru!

Will has been busy working on technology, specifically cell phones, that are anything but usual! The “PULS” (pronounced ”pulse”) is lovingly referred to by Will as a “cuff” that allows a user to make phone calls, use social media apps, music apps, and use a wrist accessory without a separate cellphone! The watch *AHEM* the cuff IS THE PHONE!


It sounds weird to say but this is what I’ve been waiting for! 😀 I’ve always wanted a phone/watch combo and now my dream has come true! Now Mr. i.am. has officially stated over and over that PULS is NOT a watch, so I will go ahead and say that I’m glad that the phone tells time too 😉

will.i.am. is no stranger to products! In January 2011, Intel Corp. made him Director of Creative Innovation and listened to his input on developing smartphones, tablets and laptops! He doesn’t just sing about the future, he creates it!


He has also created an iPhone accessory called “i.am+” that essentially turns your 8-megapixel sensor into 14-megapixel sensor! He’s always up to something and that’s for sure 🙂

will-i-am-iphone-cameraI want one!!!

So what does PULS come with?! I’m so glad you asked! 😀 It will come with 1GB of memory, 16GB of storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a pedometer, and an accelerometer!

The only bad news about PULS is that it will cost $499 and be exclusively carried through AT&T! Those could be deal breakers for some people, but I have to say that the price is not overvalued in my opinion. The watch/smartphone combo for iPhones or Androids will cost you $500+ anyways, but now, all you need is the watch!!!

Will unveiled PULS on Wednesday to Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce conference attendees in San Francisco!


PULS is not behind the game when it comes to technology because Will has even developed “Aneeda” (pronounced like “Aneeda find my home”) as a competitor to Apple’s “Siri” and Android’s “S Voice” 😀

PULS can be used as a voice to text/email as well and as far as photos are concerned…you have to wear glasses to take them! HAHA That’s all I know about it so far!

I’ve been wanting to share “Ew!” with you guys from Jimmy Fallon so here:

This seems like the perfect time! HAHA I love how funny will.i.am. is in it!

As far as PULS is concerned, neither the pricing nor any release dates have been confirmed yet, but I’ll stay tuned and start saving up!!!

I’m so excited for PULS to be on my wrist! Who’s with me?!



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