Reba McEntire signs with Nash Icon!


Country music superstar Reba McEntire was just signed to a new record label…


…that goes by the name of “Nash Icon”

Reba is certainly iconic and has made quite a name for herself in Nashville so it only seems appropriate that she became the label’s inaugural AKA first signing!

Nash Icon is not a label without prestige either! The label is yet another project for the sultan of Nashville’s music industry: Scott Borchetta. Yes, that’s right. The same guy who founded Big Machine Label Group, Taylor Swift, and who has signed more artists/bands that I can say in one breath! 😀

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.59.32 PM


Reba McEntire is looking to get on a bike and follow the trail that country megastar Garth Brooks is riding into comeback land! HAHA You get the picture! Reba & Garth are going to take 2015 by storm and bring back classic country music to their throngs of fans all over the world!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.54.18 PM


Nash Icon, as you may recall from a previous blog post of mine, is a joint venture between Big Machine Label Group and Cumulus Media! And let it be known that this isn’t Scott’s first rodeo when it comes to working with Reba! He’s actually known her for over 20 years now!

In a statement to Billboard, Scott said: “We’ve been able to create a brand new platform that arguably was custom made for her. I’m thrilled. We’ve been together since 1991, except for a stretch where I left to start Big Machine, and I got her to come join us. Having her back in the family and so excited about new music is like a dream come true.”

Reba+McEntire+Scott+Borchetta+Reba+McEntire+07aJEHATH1TlHe’s happy to have her back on his team!

With a new label deal, comes new music so brace yourself country music fans! Reba McEntire is back in the studio and new music is coming soon! She said that she has already recorded 11 songs for the new album!!!

Regarding the new process of recording music, Reba said: “It’s faster. With the technology nowadays and our engineers being so incredible, you can say ‘I want to sing that,’ and they’re ready, or then ‘I want to sing it again,’ and they’re ready. There are overdubs, you can comp it and you can make it just right.”

Even though the recording process is modernized now, Reba has sworn to keep authenticity in her music! She said: “One thing we are sticklers about is keeping the emotion — not to make it perfect. I want it to feel heartfelt — lots of soul with it.”

reba_a_lI’m glad she’s sticking to her guns after all these years!

I’m too young to know Reba by her music, but I certainly know her by her hilarious TV show! HAHA That show is the best show to stumble upon! I’ve quite enjoyed getting to know her music more as I age and I’ll continue to do so 🙂

Congratulations Reba for being the first Nash Icon & good luck on your comeback!



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