Iggy Azalea is repackaging The New Classic!


Iggy Azalea is one of the best new rappers to hit the scene and now…


…she’s going to be rereleasing her debut album!

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Rerelease her album?! Why??? It’s already out!” Okay I know “The New Classic” by Iggy Azalea is available for purchase, but did you know that it’s totally a thing for rappers to “repackage” their albums with a new title, additional songs AKA bonus tracks, and a new album cover altogether?!

It’s true you guys! Just ask Nicki Minaj!



Album repackaging is not a new concept per se, but it’s nonetheless a way to get hype for yourself as an artist when you have a few songs you want to be released and to be associated with the original album itself.

Iggy’s rerelease of “The New Classic” will be delightfully called “Reclassified” and because we both couldn’t stand to wait any longer, the tracklist has been revealed:

1. We In This Bitch
2. Work
3. Change Your Life
4. Beg For It featuring MØ
5. Black Widow featuring Rita Ora
6. Trouble featuring Jennifer Hudson
7. Don’t Need Ya’ll
8. Rolex
9. Iggy SZN
10. Fancy featuring Charli XCX
11. Heavy Crown featuring Ellie Goulding
12. Bounce

As you may have noticed, I went to the trouble to bold the songs that are brand new songs we’ve never heard from Iggy before!

You’re welcome.

“Reclassified” will be released on November 24th just in time for Thanksgiving in which I will give thanks for music and my favorite new artist of 2014:


What’s impressive about “The New Classic” is that it’s very eclectic. Iggy not only raps about living while she’s young, but she also dives deep into her heart to share the raw emotions of a breakup as well as her rise to fame. It’s not your run of the mill rap album in the sense that she bares her soul in order to connect with her fans so they know she’s a normal person that worked her way up. She strived to be relatable on “The New Classic” and to not make it seem like money grows on trees. Iggy’s message overall was one of gratefulness for the journey and the spirit of a winner…because she never quit!

I’m so excited for “Reclassifed” to drop soon and I’m most excited to hear her song with Ellie Goulding because she’s such an incredible talent as well!

Congratulations Iggy on your success & thank you for inspiring me to never give up.



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