Top 5 Workout songs you need to know!


It’s officially November and I’m getting back in the gym with a vengeance…

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.41.29 PM

…so I’d like to share with you the workout songs you need to know!

All minds go to EDM, but some of my song choices may surprise you…

1. Euphoria by Loreen

Loreen-Euphoria-Single-Version-iTunes-Plus-2012-tlc sweden

This song may have been released in February 2012, but the build in the song is incredible and explosive! This song also won the 2012 global Eurovision contest! I love this song and it’s on my playlist for sure!

2. Impossible Is Nothing by Iggy Azalea


You all know I’m loving “The New Classic” and I want to highlight this song because it’s all about the journey to meet your goals. So whether you’re trying to lose weight like me or gain muscle & get stronger, Iggy’s got you covered! 😀

3. Legacy by Nicky Romero feat. Krewella


This song is super special #1 because of Nicky Romero and #2 because of the voices of the amazing Yousaf sisters of Krewella. I love the beats and the bass in this jam! It’s my gym jam!!!

4. Habits (Stay High) – The Chainsmokers Extended Remix by Tove Lo


Tove Lo is my favorite singer/songwriter of the year and “Habits” the song is brilliant, but when you mix in my DJ buddies “The Chainsmokers”, this song is poppin’! You’ve got to add it to your playlist!

5. Quiero Bailar (All Through The Night) by 3BallMTY feat. Becky G


You may not know Spanish like me but this song is “Spanglish” and very heavy on English! HAHA I love me some Latin music and this song has all you could ever want…a crazy beat, rapping, and one of the breakout artists of 2014: Becky G.

And as a side note, I can’t say this enough…I recommend bluetooth headphones! HAHA I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen someone on a treadmill detach their iPhone and watch it fly because of that silly cord!

I have these bad boys by Philips:


Thanks for reading guys and go get your workout on today!



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