YouTube introduces Music Key!


When I hear “YouTube”, what I think is “that’s one of my favorite things” and now…

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 5.53.34 PM

…the video titan is offering a music service!

YouTube has just released their own rival to the streaming sites that we all know (Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music, etc.) and it’s called “Music Key”!

I’m super excited about it since I love YouTube and a streaming service from them has been a rumor for months now!

YouTube has over 1 billion monthly visitors to their site which is just a little more than me 😉 So with that much online “traffic”, they are excited to introduce Music Key to us!!

It just officially launched yesterday and can be found at: The service is offering great perks to subscribers besides the only $8/month fee! Those services include offline playback (for when your device is offline…it can still play music), ad-free listening without pesky interruptions, and my favorite feature: “Launch an infinite playlist of music videos with unlimited skips.”

tumblr_long91v7nv1qbgaqpExcuse me?!

Playing music videos back to back?!?!?! You have no idea how exciting that is! HAHA I own so many music videos from iTunes, but to imagine tapping into HD videos on Vevo VIA YouTube and watching music videos in 1080p is…


And lastly to celebrate this moment in YouTube style:


All my friends know that I’ve seen more music videos than I’ve seen movies, so this is big! Like indoor plumbing, sliced bread, and iPod BIG! 😀

YouTube’s music partnerships director, Christophe Muller said: “We want to give fans more ways to enjoy music on YouTube, but also give artists more opportunities to connect with fans and earn more revenues.”

I must be the bearer of some bad news because Music Key is not “widely available”…yet! I made a request to be told when I can start trying it out, and you should too!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.09.28 PM#SoCloseYetSoFarAway

I love what YouTube is doing and I cannot wait to try Music Key!



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