Neon Hitch inspires fans in Nashville!


The thing I love about Nashville the most is that there are literally concerts 24/7…


…and last night I had the delight of seeing Neon Hitch!

Neon (and yes that IS her real name) has had her fair share of success in the world of Pop music from her Top 20 single “Ass Back Home” with Gym Class Heroes to her #1 Dance chart single “Love U Betta”.

I remember seeing her back in the summer of 2012 at Red, Hot, & Boom, a 4th of July show just north of Orlando, Florida, and she was pretty impressive as a performer! She was the only one who used the runway on the floating stage and came as near to fans as she could! She was a firecracker and I’ve had my eye on her ever since!

So naturally when I heard that Neon would be coming to Nashville, I said: “I’M IN!” 😀

Last night was a night to remember when I went to a venue I had never been to before called “The High Watt”. The venue is located in the same building as the Cannery Ballroom and the Mercy Lounge which is so cool!

Mercy-LoungeThree venues + One building = Epic Awesomeness

The first of two opening acts for Neon Hitch was none other than a guy who has a band, but was playing solo with his MacBook, a microphone, a tambourine, and a trombone! He goes by the name of “Saint Bell” and he was quite interesting. His music was more like freestyle poetry which isn’t such a bad idea. I would describe his sound as groovy, bass-y, sweet beats, and a good ol’ synthesizer to boot! He came on stage at 8:30 and gave us a good 20 minute set.


Next up at 9, was a twin sister duo called “Carmen and Camille” who have the best manager in the world! HAHA He emailed me on Tuesday asking if I would be interested in a concert review and I said I was already going to see Neon so sure! Why not!! I always love featuring opening acts who will be headlining their own tours someday 🙂

They came right out of the box jamming like it was their encore! It was sensational! The opener was “When You Choose (Runaway)” and you should give it a listen sometime soon!

The twins played several songs and wowed the audience with each one! Camille jams out on her guitar and Carmen plays a sick flute solo!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.06.09 PMCarmen + Camille

I couldn’t help but notice that Camille loves to thrash her hair so when I met the twins after their set…I made sure to show her my best impersonation! 😀

Their set was high-energy and wonderful! They did a great job of telling the audience about themselves and included the fact that they hail from Canada and were nominated for a Juno Award (Canadian equivalent to a Grammy!) for their song “Shine 4U”! They’re doing an amazing job as independent artists and their live performance showed me just how much passion they have for their art!

Lastly, we got the best meet & greet photos by far! Check ’em out:

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.14.17 PM

My go-to for funny photos is “the Gene Simmons” LOL

Next up was our headliner! The one, The only, NEON HITCH! She began the show with a pink parasol, a teddy bear backpack, and a microphone stand that was so hard not to look at! Check it out:

DSC03385Take it all in! HAHA

Neon played her hit songs “Ass Back Home” and “Love U Betta” of course but she sang a long list of originals including: “Gypsy Star”, “Yard Sale”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Get Over U”, “Pink Fields”, and “Believe”! There was a gorgeous performance of her ballad “Midnight Sun” with some pretty impressive vocals!!! And to top it all off, she did a very interesting cover of the hit Spice Girls song “Wannabe” too!


Neon loved talking to the crowd and after one song she told us: “I have to tell you that I just got really hard shocked by this thing [the lit up microphone stand] but I must be pretty professional because you didn’t notice!” HAHA She was careful to avoid getting too close to it for the rest of the show!

Neon told us that the theme of The Yard Sale Tour was “freedom”. She said that just like in her song “Yard Sale” where she takes the remnants from her relationship with an ex lover and has a yard sale to get rid of it all…we need to stop worrying about the small stuff and just enjoy life. She told us that I’m here to try to inspire you because you all inspire me! That was such a nice sentiment and I enjoyed hearing her message for her music!

Neon invited fans onstage to dance with her and she did an encore song which is only customary to do in Nashville AKA Music City! 😉

Only 10 minutes after getting off stage, Neon walked through the venue and made a b-line for her merch table! She spent 10 minutes with each fan it seemed like and everyone got at least 1 hello hug and 1 goodbye hug! HAHA It was so chill and great to see how much she loves her fans!

I met her and told her that I had been following her music from the very beginning. I asked her about the 4th of July show in Orlando and she said, “Yes! I remember that day! Everyone told me ‘DO NO JUMP IN THE WATER’ and I turned to my band and said ‘I’m jumping in the water'”

She was so kind and I had the privilege to ask her about her friend the late, great Amy Winehouse who she shared a flat with in England. I could tell that it was a sore subject and I can’t see how it couldn’t be, but Neon just told for me that she spent a lot of time with Amy and she describes her as “a lovely, maternal person”.

winehouse-e1311453745568-300x295Music will always miss her!

The best part about Neon Hitch’s show by far was the “no bars” feel to it! She gave me a red rose straight out of her bouquet and any fan who wanted to was invited to go on her tour bus which was an awesome converted school bus!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.51.37 PM

It was a first class way for fans to experience gypsy life 😀

In Neon News, she’s set to release a full length album “Eleutheromaniac” on January 3rd and she has partnered with Indiegogo to fund the world’s first fan label! Check out & support her project here: There are so many amazing perks you could get from supporting her fan label!

Thank you guys for checking out my review! Tweet (@musicrowgirl) with your thoughts about the Yard Sale Tour and check out my best photos of Neon on your way out!

Thank you Neon for inspiring Nashville to live life with less stress & more freedom!

DSC03509 DSC03410DSC03395DSC03457DSC03548


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