Justin Timberlake becomes co-owner of AfterMaster Audio Labs!


Justin Timberlake is back to music, better than ever, and now…


…he’s co-owner of an audio technology company!

AfterMaster Audio Labs is a company that’s main objective is to enhance and remaster audio! They proudly showcase samples of songs with a before & after effect…and you can really hear the difference!

Some of those samples include the great “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and Taylor’s Swift’s song to all the haters of the world: “Shake It Off”.

In a public statement, Justin said: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking company. The first time I heard audio, post AfterMaster, I knew that I had to be a part of this company and that we had something revolutionary on our hands.”

giphyHe’d be crazy not to get involved with AfterMaster! 😀

AfterMaster’s CEO Larry Ryckman said: “Justin is an audiophile. He really understands quality audio. Justin loves technology, completely understands audio and he’s very powerful and respected in the entertainment community.”

6962564065_842e675f14_zLarry has many high profile supporters, such as Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler!

AfterMaster plans to offer enhanced audio to products such as mobile devices, headphones and televisions VIA a chip that can be embedded into it! That doesn’t exclude its ability to be available to software and streaming services either! 🙂

Justin’s audio is top notch! “Mirrors” is a masterpiece to me:


I think the coolest thing that AfterMaster is offering is the chance for people to upload their songs in order to have them re-mastered with the option to purchased the new version!!!

A high profile supporter/co-owner like Justin Timberlake is a testament to how incredible the technology is and they should be proud to have JT on board! 😀

Check out aftermasterhd.com for more information and listen to the samples of mastered songs to hear the difference.

Congratulations Justin on this new venture! I can’t wait to see where it goes!



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