Violin virtuoso Kyung Wha Chung overcomes 10 year injury!


The most interesting story that I can find to bring to you today…


…stars a female violinist who overcame a 10 year injury!

Classical music is a genre of music that I revere and enjoy listening to! It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, symphonies, orchestras, or solo instrumentalists. I love it all!

I’m just learning today that Korean violin virtuoso Kyung Wha Chung has had a debilitating injury in which she spent 10 years not being able to play her beloved instrument: the violin!

According to Google, the definition of virtuoso is:

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.49.58 AM


So considering she was a genius at playing the violin, I’m so sad that she had an injury that made it impossible for her to play the violin for an entire decade! It’s very unfair, but the lesson of Kyung’s story is to never give up.

Her injury was the inability to use her left index finger and she’s been plagued with that injury since 2005! Kyung commented on her injury in an interview with The Telegraph saying: “During a rehearsal my finger just collapsed and I couldn’t play anymore.”

It put an indefinite end to her career as a touring musician as she couldn’t form notes on the strings of her violin any longer 😦

At 66 years old, Kyung is going to play her first London recital in 10 years in December at the Royal Festival Hall!


So how did she do it?! The secret to her recovery is an incredibly, arduous process of therapy along with intense practice in her head! That’s right! She has been playing music on the violin in her head since she couldn’t play the instrument with her hands!


Oh, how I love the violin!

Regarding her recovery, Kyung has said: “For instance, after coming out of five years of not playing, and then to do the six unaccompanied Bach (sonatas and partitas), after not having played…I worked it out all in my head…with every possibility of bowing and so on.”

Kyung describer herself now as ‘freer’ and ‘lighter’. This injury has giving her time to grow as a person and as an artist which I think is an absolutely beautiful thing!

Stories like this touch my heart and it just goes to show how important music really is to people’s lives and how alive it can be in our hearts 🙂

Congratulations Kyung and I can’t wait for the world to see you play again!



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