U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour sells out in 1 day!


U2 is an incredible band with fans all over the world and today…

U2 photographed by John Wright

…they have sold-out their 2015 tour!

U2 received a lot of flack for releasing their last album for free as a package deal with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! We basically learned that not a lot of people cared about U2 or at least that’s how it appeared in the press!

Looking at where they are today with a sold-out world tour, I don’t feel bad about the fact that a few people didn’t care to download Songs of Innocence!


I loved Conan O’Brien’s U2 Removal Service video:

That never gets old! HAHA

U2’s upcoming tour will be called iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE in which they will play multiple dates in arenas. They aren’t playing large stadiums anymore, but the demand for tickets is the same! The tickets for their world tour sold out in 1 day which is truly remarkable! 118,000 tickets were purchases for the 4 shows they are playing in New York City alone!

Here are the 2015 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour dates:

5/14/15: Vancouver, British Columbia (Rogers Arena)
5/15/15: Vancouver, British Columbia (Rogers Arena)
5/18/15: San Jose, CA (SAP Center at St Jose)
5/19/15: San Jose, CA (SAP Center at St Jose)
5/22/15: Phoenix, AZ (US Airways Center)
5/23/15: Phoenix, AZ (US Airways Center)
5/26/15: Los Angeles, CA (Forum)
5/27/15: Los Angeles, CA (Forum)
5/30/15: Los Angeles, CA (Forum)
5/31/15: Los Angeles, CA (Forum)
6/12/15: Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
6/13/15: Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
6/16/15: Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
6/17/15: Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
6/24/15: Chicago, IL (United Center)
6/25/15: Chicago, IL (United Center)
6/28/15: Chicago, IL (United Center)
6/29/15: Chicago, IL (United Center)
7/6/15: Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
7/7/15: Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
7/10/15: Boston, MA (TD Garden)
7/11/15: Boston, MA (TD Garden)
7/14/15: Boston, MA (TD Garden)
7/15/15: Boston, MA (TD Garden)
7/18/15: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
7/19/15: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
7/22/15: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
7/23/15: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
7/26/15: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
7/27/15: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
9/4/15: Turin, Italy (Pala Alpitour)
9/5/15: Turin, Italy (Pala Alpitour(
9/8/15: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
9/9/15: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
9/12/15: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
9/13/15: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Ziggo Dome)
9/16/15: Stockholm, Sweden (Globe)
9/17/15: Stockholm, Sweden (Globe)
9/20/15: Stockholm, Sweden (Globe)
9/21/15: Stockholm, Sweden (Globe)
9/24/15: Berlin, Germany (O2 World)
9/25/15: Berlin, Germany (O2 World)
9/28/15: Berlin, Germany (O2 World)
9/29/15: Berlin, Germany (O2 World)
10/5/15: Barcelona, Spain (Palau Sant Jordi)
10/6/15: Barcelona, Spain (Palau Sant Jordi)
10/13/15: Antwerp, Belgium (Sportpaleis)
10/14/15: Antwerp, Belgium (Sportpaleis)
10/17/15: Koln, Germany (Lanxess Arena)
10/18/15: Koln, Germany (Lanxess Arena)
10/25/15: London, UK (O2)
10/26/15: London, UK (O2)
10/29/15: London, UK (O2)
10/30/15: London, UK (O2)
11/6/15: Glasgow, UK (The SSE Hydro)
11/7/15: Glasgow, UK (The SSE Hydro)
11/10/15: Paris, France (Bercy)
11/11/15: Paris, France (Bercy)
11/14/15: Paris, France (Bercy)
11/15/15: Paris, France (Bercy)

There are many shows for U2 next year and I’m hoping I can see them one day!



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