Discover: Beba Rexha


There’s been an artist on my radar for a few months now…


…by the name of Bebe Rexha

Bebe has been featured on a lot of dance/EDM tracks lately from Cash Cash to Pitbull and I reallyyy love her voice!

Bebe was born in Brooklyn and began playing music at the tender age of 4! She continued to pursue music in high school where she took part in her school’s musicals: Hello, Dolly!, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Fiddler on the Roof. Everyone loves a good musical right?!


Miss Rexha went on to be the lead singer of an alternative electro band called Black Cards that was formed by Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz! The band was formed in 2009 during Pete’s break from music and Bebe was signed to his label: Decaydance.


The cute guy with the black t-shirt on is of course Pete Wentz and I’m really surprised that he was in the Black Cards too! HAHA I didn’t know about the Black Cards before I researched about Bebe, but I’ll put their music on my list of new music to listen to 😀

Black Cards called it quits and/or “hiatus” once Fall Out Boy started recording their new album in the end of 2012. Who knows if they’ll ever perform together again, but it’s worth keeping an eye out! To be clear, Bebe exited the group so if they were to reappear…she won’t be a part of the band.

In 2013, Bebe was signed to Warner Bros. after a bidding war between 3 record labels! After writing the hit song “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna, she was put on the music industry’s radar for sure!

I first heard Bebe’s voice when she was featured on the EDM trio Cash Cash’s hit song “Take Me Home” that was released in July 2013! She sings the hook of the song and I looove the strength of her voice!

Take a listen to “Take Me Home” here:


In today’s news, Bebe is working on her debut album with well respected EDM producers like: David Guetta, Fraser T Smith, and Frequency!

Her debut single, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”, was released in March and she should be debuting another single called “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” before the year is through!

I love Pitbull as you probably know by now 😀 and it just so happens that Bebe is featured on a brand new song from his new album Globalization!

Take a listen to Pit & Bebe’s song “This Is Not A Drill” here:


I can’t wait to hear Bebe’s debut album! I guess what’s really refreshing about new music in 2014 is that there’s always something unique to discover 🙂

Congratulations Bebe on your success & hurry up on the debut album!



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