Andrew Ripp brings Christmas cheer to Nashville!


Last night I had the pleasure of going to City Winery for a Christmas concert…


…by the amazingly talented singer/songwriter Andrew Ripp

Andrew is a bright-eyed, 32 year old singer/songwriter from Palatine, Illinois and I was excited to finally get to see him in Nashville! I think that he lives here now and he plays out a lot, but last night was my first chance to see him in Music City 🙂

From what City Winery said, it was “Andrew Ripp Christmas Show” so I went into it expecting some Christmas music to be played. With one of my ugly Christmas sweaters on, I was in the Holiday spirit!

The show started right at 8 o’clock when Andrew and his band took the stage. They opened the show with Jingle Bells and a few Ripp originals.

He told the crowd that he made an EP of 5 Christmas songs so apparently he only knows 5 Christmas songs! HAHA He was very funny whenever he talked to us!

Next up was “Falling For The Beat” followed by a funny anecdote. Andrew and his cello player guest starred on the TV show “Bachelor in Paradise”. He said they had to play a beautiful song for the couple in a cave, but they hated each other and didn’t even want to touch at all, let alone share a slow dance! HAHA That song was “When You Fall In Love”.

Then he played the one Christmas song he has written which is so beautiful:


Andrew told the audience: “I just learned this one for you guys and I’m nervous because I don’t know what I’m doing.” I cracked up laughing and to my surprise, he sang a medley of “Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” 😀

He invited Charlene Marie to the stage to sing their duet “Just Enough” and because it’s Nashville, he let her stay and sing a solo song of her own which was great!


Mr. Ripp told us that he is recording a new album and was in the studio today! Now that’s Nashville for yah! Studio by day, live performance by night.

To close out the show, he sang “Not So Far Away”, “Rescue Me”, “The Good I’ll Do”, a surprising rendition of Otis Redding’s “This Little Light of Mine”, “Let Love Win”, a medley of “Joy To The World” and “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, and “Silent Night”.

After a smattering of applause, Andrew came back to the stage to play my favorite song from when I first saw him back home a few years ago:


He added in a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with “Savior” which was fun to sing along to! Then the best and most random addition to the night was a full verse and chorus of Eminem’s most epic song: “Lose Yourself”. It was phenomenal!

Andrew’s last song was “Peace Like A River” much to the crowd’s delight as many people yelled out that song title as a suggestion 🙂

The great thing about Andrew is that he has an incredible falsetto as well as a raw, gritty quality! He’s versatile and every time that I see him, he sings his heart out! His voice is so strong and he proved that again last night!

Check out my best photos from the show on your way out and tweet @musicrowgirl with your thoughts!

Thanks Andrew for putting me in the holiday spirit & never stop singing!



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